The nature and function of the healing crisis


1. Why is it not necessarily a good sign if a person stays calm and unchanged under pressure ?

2. What is the purpoe of a healing crisis ?

3. What are examples of controlled artificial initial aggravations ?


I know the concept of a healing crisis since 30 years but I have never thought, for what reason the client should first become worse before becoming better once you give the right remedy.

I observed a close friend who had very challenging changes in his relationship while at the same time he continued with his usual calmness and smile, telling everybody that all is well and it is really a blessing what happened but at the same time he started to have all kind of physical disturbances.

He understands that this might be a result of the stress that the relationship separation was inflicting on him but he would not consider that it was a result of the way he was emotionally handling the break-up.

There is a good percentage of people who get very easily hysterical even for little causes, this post is not about them, they have their own way how the body tries to compensate. This post is about the many people that try to keep calm no matter what and will suppress explosive behavior at all cost.

This type of people is usually putting very high demands on themselves, to be the best in what they are doing and to match all the demands that society or family puts on them, not allowing failure.

These people are like a tight string on an instrument and every new demand and disappointment they absorb by being more tense. Many of them do exhaustive physical exercises, which may help a little to release but if the stress is emotional in the first place then physical exercises cannot really relieve this tension.

Eventually this inability to “let of steam” will lead to physical symptoms which are accordingly of a specific kind. Because they constantly live on a high level of tension, at times when stress goes beyond a tolerable level they start to shake, trembling or even epilepsy are the foremost signs just as in a tight string.

Parkinson and related diseases that also show lots of tremors, inability to hold hand still and write properly is the result of a life of “high tension” that would not allow times of “letting things hang through and showing weaknesses” and pretending that all is well or things will be well in the end.

Mostly intense symptoms come for these kind of patients (they simply had too much patience until then) in a sudden and unexpected way. They will say “I was healthy my whole life and now I have total breakdown” of nerves, chronic fatigue, heart attack or cancer.  They were so good in not showing any sign of mounting tension for so long. Also most have high blood pressure, one friend who always signed this e-mail with “Life is so beautiful” was just this week put into hospital with a stroke, not able to recognize people anymore.

Considering this phenomenon I understood for the first time the phenomenon of the “healing crisis” that I have observed countless times but never understood.  After the right remedy is administrated symptoms first get extremely worse before then disappearing. Nobody has explained to me why nature would make such a painful detour.

Today I got the answer, a healing crisis is the way of nature to create a RESET, which means that pain and symptoms get so much worse that all thought stops, all memories are burned up in a storm of desperation and pain. It is as if lighting hits an electric network which makes all connected computers RESET.

This is not a precursor of the actual healing but this is the main cause of healing itself. Sickness is in informational medicine caused by  a program that has gone wrong and just as in all computers RESET is the most universal cure.

Our culture is having the faulty concept that such violent RESET processes are useless or even dangerous. As a consequence doctors prescribe sedatives, mood stabilizers and friends do not stop telling the patient “don’t worry, don’t cry, all will be well”. All mechanisms to avoid the collapse that is necessary for a healing RESET and “initial aggravation” is exactly that.

You can do intentional healing  RESETs  by fire-walking or by fasting, or going into the dessert for 40 days, by being pierced by hundreds of needles of an acupuncturist or following an extreme diet for some time. Remedies, particularly properly chosen homeopathic remedies can increase the symptoms shortly to such an intense level that the RESET is caused by the intensity of the symptoms, which then is called a healing crisis, but actually should be called a RESET.

RESET often is a mechanism that turns the system to the other polarity momentarily, for example in people who always need to pretend that they are happy to make them feel the deepest realms of sadness and desperation. This is our human nature to be Bi-polar and the negation of one pol for two long will cause disease if not avoided by a RESET.

However we can now understand that many people make this RESET difficult or even impossible by continuing to tell themselves and all around that “all is well”, “in the end all will be OK”, “God will protect them”, “I have nothing to fear” a.s.o… the usual new age good words at the bedside.

But really fear and terror is a great agent to RESET, shamans knew this in that they would do all to frighten the people they wanted to cure or they would intoxicate them with drugs that made them vomit and feel terrible.

At least what we can do to help people who are terribly stressed by their tendency that they always need to remain calm and who believe that extremes of behavior can only harm but never be of benefit, is to encourage them that they should scream, to hit sand bags and cry until they are exhausted – as this is the way to RESET.

I would go so far to say that all people who have the tendency always to stay reasonable, calm, moderate need often to be brought to the doors of death before they can let go and have the RESET experience that will turn things around.

With this understanding we can realize that we often will do a lot of damage by giving consolation to people in distress, we will prolong the suffering and increase the illusion that nothing bad possibly can happen. In fact most of us do this all our life – avoiding the RESET of life habits that could turn around things before it is too late.

Let’s go deep into pain  and sorrow – lets understand that there is not only “light” and happiness – be mad and cry without end before it is too late

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