From Believe to Reality

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Bali inspired message



As I have pointed out many times before  BELIEVE  is as much an obstacle to successful CoRe therapy as dis-believe – if it is exclusive – if one is stuck to either side. Doubt, questioning, temptation, experimenting is the basis for DLE and that is what creates energy in our life, whatever we bring to moments of DLE is been transported by the energy that DLE creates – if we understand this process we can make profit of any uncertainty, polarity, challenge, tension.

We have to understand that for most people “believe in anything” is just mind activity and the blieve in Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, the vigin birth, paradise or hell is just as real or substantial as the believe that Mercesdes is the best car, that Ibiza has the best beach parties or that String-theory is the most advanced science concept.

Just in the same way believe in the work of the CoRe system or its disbelieve is equally an obstacle to informational therapy as it is similar to static noise that makes reception of a TV program difficult. Therefore it was always observed that informational therapies like homeopathy or radionics are most effective with plants, animals or children and not with the strong believers.

In fact we get sick because of any strong believe that we might have OR THAT WE A PERFECTLY  HEALTHY and the stronger the more disease ACTUAL potential as strength almost always reduces the “openness to change” and limits our world to smaller and smaller circles until we need strong shocks like disease to make the RESET possible that will bring us back to a healthy new beginning and openness to our environment, provided we use this shock in that way.

The ultimate purpose of disease and of the CoRe system is to reconnect us to All and Everything- to the SELF – to God

and to do this it has to agitate areas in which we got stuck, physically, emotionally or mentally with resonant energy or information so it becomes easier to let it go.


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  1. Dear Kiran,

    I notice in your recent post 8. and about the essence of it ALL

    That you seem to have confused two words in English that sound almost identical:

    Belief: (noun) Pronunciation: \bə-ˈlēf\ (like “bee-leaf”)

    Believe: (verb) Pronunciation: \bə-ˈlēv\ (like “bee-leave”)

    (Confusing the two makes your writing look a bit strange to the native English speakers in your audience.)

    All the best,



    Kiran’s comment :

    Dear Scott

    I wrote it this way as I think all Belief should be an action and that way always a verb, the problem with all Belief-ers is that they are stuck and think they HAVE a BELIEF – Belief is a noun and as such it is DEAD – no action – and what I want to teach that only a BELIEVE (action – DLE ) is worth anything

    not comprehend-able with the left brain


    to this also my comment and post about Dyslexia is very appropriate


    PS: Double meanings reveal the esoteric messages of language – this is the way to keep it hidden from people who are not ready for, exclusive left-brainer, and can only see except tolerate single meanings – which are the exoteric meanings

  2. Marco Paulo on

    Dear Kiran

    I couldn’t agree more… that’s something I try to do everyday in every treatment.

    And that’s is the amazing thing about CoRe. You don’t have to be tied down to a treatment to treat, for example, arthritis. Off course you can go and do every step for that person and that problem but the great results really come from not going in that direction.

    I think that’s because of the connection with cause and effect. With Your intenttion as a therapist. (I really believe that even if You put a specific ressonance like ovarian cyst on a man that as arthritis it will work because of your intention of helping him)

    It’s very difficult not to create a pattern while working with CoRe. And If You do that then You can’t help your patients because most of then are there so that You can brake their patterns  and create DLE for Them. How can You do that If you don’t create DLE for Yourself?


    DLE and CoRe Therapy have to be seen as a Way of life. A Philosofy that can show you how to balance the Crazy and the King (society wants you to be)… Left Brain Right brain… if You only live a part of it you are not in DLE.


    Ps: I wrote this in 3 min without reading it again. I hope I didn’t went off track  regarding the topic.



    Kiran : no you are completely on track – and that is why you will be the person I certify to run our first reference clinic that also will be initiate at the AIM training in June in Caldas / Portugal – more about this soon