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The basic package will include:

  1. Health Integrator
  2. Hand electrodes of high quality-medical grade stainless steel.
  3. Software that allows selection from more than 1000 indications from RIFE research, time tested sets of frequencies that can be applied via electricity, light or magnetism.
  4. Starter library of wav files for download into your mp3 player or cell phone

Questions that came up :

  1. Did I pay too much that I bought the Health Navigator instead of the Health Integrator

Answer :  – No, the Health Navigator is our flag-ship that is meant for the therapist.

–          The main intended application of the Health Integrator is for Home use and for use with competing systems like the SCIO, LIFE or simple frequency programs like FREX

–          To justify the difference in price, we will sell the main proprietary software modules “Resonant Frequencies” and “Biofeedback” only to owners of the S2 system which includes the Health Navigator. Also many new modules of version 6 will only be made available to S2 owners

2.  What is the difference of the Health Integrator to regular Frequency   Generators ?

–          The Health Integrator is not a Frequency Generator but the long awaited driver for a whole set of applicators. It gets its frequencies either from the Computer sound card that is used as a frequency generator for frequencies up to 20 000 Hz

–          The Health Integrator can be combined with our advanced High Frequency Generator for the generation of High Frequencies up to 12 Million Hz,available soon.

3. What is new in the Health Integrator relative to other frequency therapy devices?

–          The key advantage is that it allows a dual channel application of frequency as the CoRe System basis its spectacular successes on the CoRe philosophy that understands that frequencies are not in fact used to shoot down pathogens as most practitioners are made to believe but to set up an interference pattern in the body that create potential differences in tissues which re-establishe the life essential electromagnetic fields and energy flow in the body.

–          Frequency sets can be saved to mp3 players and then directly connected to the Health Integrator, files can also be send as e-mail attachments to clients that rent or own a Health Integrator that then can treat themselves – the first true step towards a  Remote Doctor

–          The  Health Integrator comes, unlike any other device on the market, with the possibility to attach any one of over 20 different applicators that cover the electric a and magnetic field as well as  light, Laser and LED – and more to come.

4.  I am not a medical professional can I still use the Health Integrator ?

–          The Health Integrator will initially be available with a Wellness CE certificate that covers all safety related issues and makes it possible that clients at home or therapists that do not have a license to use medical devices can own and use it without problem. Wellness devices can be advertised to increase physical, emotional and mental well-being but are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease (you know this legal bullshit inflicted on us by an overhead of buro-cracy and a money-hungry lawyer establishment especially in USA ) Later this year we will also offer a version with medical CE that can then be used by medical professionals, for the few who want to have their use to be limited to the applications for which the Health Integrator has proven effectiveness.

5.  What is the price and are there any payment plans ?

–          Please contact your Debora@inergetix.com or your local distributor for prices and the service that they will provide. We purposely open this new product up to competition between the sales-channels to provide you with the best service for your money

–          At Inergetix we provide you with the possibility for 3 easy payments over  one year

6.  Do you  have any limitations/ offers for potential distributors ?

–          The concept for the Health Integrator is to be made  available not only through the established distributor network but through all those who feel inspired by the new possibilities that this device provides and who know that the time has come for bringing energy medicine to the mass-market

–          We will not exclude you only because you sell a competing systems and devices as well

–          We are ready to provide up to 50 % discounts for quantity orders

–          If you have experience or a network for multilevel marketing please contact us as well

7.  If the therapist doesn’t have CoRe S2, is it possible to use the HI ?

–          Yes for countries where cost is an issue the Health Integrator offers the greatest spectrum of energetic modalities in one unit. It allows to use all currently available Frequency lists for light, electric, magnetic and  sound  therapy.

8.  Is a PC or software necessary to run the Health Integrator and in which languages is it available ?

–          You can operate the Health Integrator only with a MP3 player connected that contain either music or frequency files alone

–          The software is available in English, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish and Italian

9.  Does the Health Integrator only work with vers. 6 or also with vers 5 of the CoRe system ?

–          The Health Integrator can  work stand alone only with a sound source like laptop, CD or MP3 player and in vers 5 you already have the possibility to generate sounds that the Health Integrator then transforms into electric, magnetic or light frequencies

–          However in vers 6 we have the  possibility to record generated bio-feedback frequencies that then can be given to the client for home therapy or even send to him via e-mail

10.  If I only have a CIS System or no CoRe system at all – does the Health Integrator come with any software ?

–          Software that allows selection from more than 1000 indications from RIFE research, time tested sets of frequencies

11.  Does the usual 30 day money back return  policy also apply to the Health Integrator

–          Yes

12.  Can the Health Integrator be used with the Inergetix Plasma Generator ?

–          Yes  with an adaptor cable

13.  I see the sun-glasses on the picture – what are their function with the Health Integrator ?

–          We offer a special LED glasses and special binaural soundtracks that can be used with or without the S2 software

14.  How does the Health Integrator extend the field of conventional Energy Medicine

–          The Health Integrator is intended to built bridges between all the existing devices of Informational (Quantum) Medicine and the traditional frequency generating Energy Medicine, Energy medicine had good results in the last 50 years of its existence but has crystallized in the believe in sets of frequencies that were specific for the different diseases but, just like allopathic medicine, did not take client-specific difference in consideration.


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