You can believe that you will be cured and you will be right or you can believe that you will not be cured and you will be right.

Kiran : Sounds good but as many ego teasers does not hold up on a closer examination. This is the old idea that is based on the American dream “You can do it yourself”. What is driven home now to all of the USA is that this is just a dream and that all the dreaming leads to nothing and is in fact a very good way to attract the opposite when you become an addicted dreamer. The “Law of attraction” simply does not work in the simplistic way that is now presented as “The Secret”. We all hope/ dream/ assume/ believe that we are healthy/ better then others with total conviction (some exceptions of course) until fate strikes and we are taught that all our convictions were not protecting us. Of course it is easier to believe that you are special when you are on the top ….. and certainly those that are on the top … believe that they are on the top because all around even confirms that they are right….. and still those people, despite their strong believe do not stay on top in most cases …. so how much more likely is it that a weak and feeble believe that you can be rich/ healthy/ successful could be the cause to turn everything around … when a much stronger believe that is supported by all fact does is not even capable of keeping you there. ? The reaosn why disease provides also the possibility to change your life is because it creates a DLE and this is the way to bring you in contact with the informational matrix, not believe which is usually a desperate attempt to avoid DLE.


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