While spending the last 3 weeks in Bali I had again the possibility to observe one of the healthiest cultures I know. In Bali the need for food and shelter is only one aspect of life, Art and spirituality are the equilibrating dimensions.

When doing hundreds of CoRe evaluations over the years it became more and more clear that in every complete evaluation the first  results represent the aspects in a persons life that need to be attended to re-establish health. It is not about creating BALANCE which means EQUAL AMOUNTS , but it means an EQUI-LIBRIUM of these dimension which is the ability to move and attend to these aspects of  life with equal degrees of freedom and ease.

We are 3 dimensions beings in respect to space not only because we can perceive all 3 dimensions but more importantly because we can move in these 3 directions with equal freedom. In the same way we should be able to move in the informational dimension of our existence as we have learned to navigate our physical world. When this ability is atrophied, disease, loss or other shocks will occur to provide a life providing reset.

CoRe evaluation will provide the indications which  are the dimensions in a clients life that need attention and it provides the energetic and informational tools to re-establish the healthy DLE between them.


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