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Entanglement body mind synchttp://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/Entanglement-body-mind-sync-300x189.jpg 300w, http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/Entanglement-body-mind-sync-300x189@2x.jpg 600w" sizes="(max-width: 1015px) 100vw, 1015px" />You all have heard about „Entanglement“ the effect that nuclear particles react in a complementary way to their entangled partner independent of distance. Here is a animation that focuses on an often overlooked consequence : 

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Of course it is not enough to put 2 cats and their related execution mechanism in 2 different boxes in order for always one of the cats to stay alive – they need to be entangled and there are methods that to do that (not only for atomic particles). Einstein never liked this phenomena and called it “spooky action at a distance” while being so is only spooky to those who have the exclusive believe in the inevitable existence of time and space. However deeper reality is our degree of entanglement, our unity with other things in existence, it forms the 5 dimension.

I do not want to get into this discussion on how to explain “action at a distance” but I want to show you how the concept of entanglement can be used to understand successful techniques in informational medicine and everyday experience. As I have shown, Dynamic Labile Equilibrium, between the polarities is the basis of health. http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/category/examples-of-dle/ Polarities could be general concepts like good and bad, right or wrong, light and darkness, angel and devil, past and future but also informational medicine concepts like Yin & Yang, Pitta & Kapha, Air & Water element a.s.o.

In the concept of Entanglement I have found an analogy that explains  the great potential of DLE.  Polarities are the source for our happiness and thus the basis of all entertainment when you watch movies that make you cry and laugh alternatingly, watch competitive sports, race cars …. All your cells, like atomic particles have their own states, some are happy while others are unhappy, some are energized some are empty, some are more vatta some are more kapha. If some of our cells are not entangled it can happen that more than 50 % are unhappy  or happy and then we feel accordingly. In the ideal state, which I believe is the state of unity or enlightenment all of your cells, thoughts and emotions are entangled – in a state of DLE – then, according to the laws of entanglement shown in the animation above, it can never again happen that you are out of balance. This is not a state of 100% of anything not even happiness except the 100% certainty that nothing can again get you out of balance and this is a state of comfort that is beyond words because it gives a true unshakable sense of security. However  you can feel with people who have a higher degree of entanglement that they are not free of suffering or pain, in fact they have 50%, and consequently have more compassion. Degree of consciousness is a result of the degree of entanglement, of unity, those with a higher degree will be more relaxed responsible because they possess a greater amount of balance. However this is different than just a result for example  ofhaving a greater degree of  earth element, or German breeding because it is never stuck, never predictable on which cells, thoughts, emotions will be in which state only that the total will never be out of balance.

In a couple that has a higher degree of entanglement, if one of them is more in a less desirable polarity the other will have more of  its complementary opposite, not because they have to try to do so but because the entanglement make it be so. You know couples that are more in sync, have more unity will be more balanced accordingly. In all beginning stages of relationships when there is love we know how much this state, which is a form of entanglement, can create bliss and connection that is giving rise to lots of telepathic “action at a distance”. Certainly it has its ups and downs but as long as entanglement is dominant the feeling of unshakable trust and confidence will be paramount because one extreme can never get much higher than 50% between the two of them. Only when in relationships people to start to do their own thing, are less connected, then there is a growing possibility that each one of them experiences extreme highs or lows.

How to create this entanglement is the science of informational medicine, radionics is one way, EFT, hypnosis are others – I will write more about these techniques viewing them as entanglement creator. Here http://truepowerbalance.com/body-mind-sync-software-1-0-for-free-download/  I show the new Body Mind Sync program that is designed to create entanglement between mind, heart, breath, both hemispheres and the healing electric magnetic, light and scalar impulses created by the BEaMEr. I want to end this post with one video that also Niels Bohr one of the key creators of Quantum Mechanics understood that “complementarity through entanglement” is the lesson we can learn from life – its the way towards unity http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/adveita-oneness-duality-or-possibly-both/

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