Another differenence between Energy and Information



You don’t have to know how a TV works in order to watch it!

Kiran : But better you know how Information works when you watch it otherwise you become the mindless consumer that they want to make you….. those who use information and the laws of information to make you buy and believe things that they want …. this is the new science of information — not of energy. Another big difference betweeen information and energy, —- energy device like a light bulb or a car you can use without knowing how it works but with anything that is more predominatly an informational device like a computer, the CoRe system or a living organism, the degree to which you understand of how it works will increase your success in working with it. Not so much because that you then know what buttons to press but that you learn how to informationally merge with it and operate it as an insider rather then an outsider. Modern Medicine on the contrary has made it a pricniple of “Not getting personal with the client”  because they also do not have the knowledge of how to protect themselves from the possible informational risk that this involves.  CoRe is the tool to make an informational connection without risking your own health.


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