Ego Part 2 – What diseases are Ego related and what is Ego collapse


Ego parts that suck all energy is cancer in the informational matrix

Ego is not just what we believe about ourselves but all the pieces of information that we have picked up at some time in our lives and then continued to feed with our energy, it is the sum total of all our believes.

People differ in the main areas of believe,  some more believe in science ideas , others in religious ideas, again others in ideas about  health, fashion, politics, sports, career, investment strategies, relationship …. but believe is not limited to religion – scientific ideas are just as well believes or Ego components.

The more energy is provided to a believe (part of Ego) the more it grows graving more and more energy. The older people get there are usually fewer and fewer believes that take all the energy.

Today there is such an overwhelming amount of information available that it becomes very disconcerting for most – many unaware of the reason make one or another information their pet idea and feed all available energy into this channel. This leads to frequent occurrence of fatigue and symptoms that are based on a lack of energy.

The monopoly of one or a few ideas makes lonely as one cannot relate to most who have other pet ideas and leads to the proliferation of blogs that deal with one’s personal  limited pursuit, all forms of Autism. Monopoly or communism in the informational field makes sad and anxiety sets in as one is somehow aware how limited the basis for ones connection to the world has become.

This monopoly of interest (believe) can be limited in following only a certain football club, the needs of a child, some charity work, collecting stamps or something else, believe in conspiracy, quantum or any other theory….

Then there is the whole world of ideas of what is healthy and what makes one sick and all the diseases one might have. Both to feel as a victim or a victorious survivor  of  disease are believes that for many become the sole focus of their existence. The less variety there is in a believe system the stronger the Ego and also the more one gets the feeling to be vulnerable if ones pet idea is not accepted or challenged by others.

All forms of trauma not only persist, do not decrease but increase because they are continually fed with emotion loaded thought energy.

All believes eventually turn addictive and all addictions are first of all based on some believe and only later also get a biochemical  component.

Like in the physical, social, biological world no monopoly remains unchallenged and it gives rise to an opposition that is opposite in every way. So for example if a person has fed too much energy to ideas of his personal failure another idea will eventually be born that he is the Superman or another hero of his phantasy .

If his or her believe had contracted on the idea of personal sin and it is followed with exceptional energy eventually the idea that he is enlightened or Jesus will appear.

These are the extreme points of a development that many people today experience in its pre-stages which all have the characteristic of mood-swings.

Eventually this leads to a more and more frequent oscillation between the believes like “I am a failure – I am special” , “I am the creator of my life – my parents are the reason for my failure”,  “I want to be on my own – I want to be in a relationship”, “I want to be free – I want to have security”, “I want to be successful – I want to have a life besides my work” …. which becomes very intense and painful and can lead to an Ego collapse as is very well described here : YouTube Preview Image

Ego collapse comes with symptoms of extreme exhaustion, depression, mania, suicidal tendencies and is often the related to what is called Bipolar disorder, because as was described above the Bipolar nature is the natural consequence of an over focus in some area of interest.

Ego collapse and the associated symptoms are generally seen as a mal-functioning. Consequently most remain medicated for life to keep the mood swings under control. How this can be avoided and even turned into a healthier level of being will be discussed in the part 3.


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