Ego Part 1 – What is EGO and how is it created ?


1. How is Ego created ?

2. What is an Ego and what is the most common contemporary ego ?

3. What is the general effect of Ego ?

These are the topics of the posts on Ego :

  1. What is the Ego and how is it created ?
  2. What diseases are Ego related and what is Ego collapse ?
  3. EGO collapse is a Reset process
  4. How have spiritual traditions attempted to Level the Ego ?
  5. How is an Even Ego experienced ?
  6. How does DLE methods and CoRe technology Even the Ego ?

The Ego is information (believe system) that is charged with energy.

We act and feel like a mother, a child, a student, a lover, a director, a priest, a German  an artist, a Lyme victim, a Law of Attraction believer, a Christian, a woman, a homosexual, a well-informed citizen, the smoker …. because of some information that we have learned somewhere.

Initially this feeling is not very strong but becomes stronger the more energy we feed in this information.

We can feed information  with energy by repeating it in our mind, by reading about it, by discussing it, by listening about it in the news and most of all by practising it.

Any physical energy that is connected with the information makes this information stronger.

Information that has some already energy acts as an Attractor it is graving more energy. For this reason people get not tired to hear the latest news over and over again. We do not get tired of discussing our sufferings and our convictions over and over. It feels like a relieve but it actually is just like another shot for the drug addict, it just increases the need for even more.

As a child we are interested in countless things and our interest wanders a lot because there are not yet strong Attractors formed. The older we get and the more energy we feed into a certain set of information there is less and less desire to give time and energy to unknown fields of life experience. The attractor is the cause for what spiritual teachers have called attachment.

Ego is the sum total of all the believes we have created in our life and believe is Information that has been fed with energy.

There are countless believe systems, every area of life has many different forms. Currently an overarching believe system that has replaced other religious systems combines the following information :

1. Everyone is an individual and knows best what is good for him/her

2. You can do it Yourself – you do not need the intermediate of priest or church

3. All truth are equally valid – the one you choose is the best for you

4. You can have anything you want – the Law of attraction provides it

5. You are the only one that can stand in your way – you are God

6. Take it easy, if you are tense something is not OK, if things don’t come easy, they are anyway not meant for you.

Any believe system makes you move and think and feel in a certain way because this is the way to feed it with even more energy.

Also the more energy has been invested into a given believe system, the more it feels as self-evident and unquestionable, it acts like a black hole attractor that absorbs anything that comes into its realm.

We can see this as therapist with many clients that have long standing diseases, they have sculpted their whole life around the disease, it has become their center all and everyone is there to give it even more energy.

Ultimately the Attractor becomes so strong that it gives a sense of unity/ certainty because the illusion is created that nothing but this issue or disease.

Our module of addictions list more than one thousand, because really anything that you can name can become an attractor.

In all my lectures I stress the point that the interpretations or reasons that we or the CoRe system presents for a given health issue should not be  discussed with the client as this in turn strengthens the information and thus makes the disease stronger and that disease is not a mal-functioning of the body but a way for spiritual evolution and eventually the way to weaken the Ego.

…and this is what I discuss here with Sean Blackwell the author of… and in these 3 videos

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