Ego Part 3 – EGO collapse as a Reset process


 1. How does a Reset feel like ?

2. What is natural Reset ?

3. What does a computer teach us about Reset?

Ego collapse does not need to be associated with the violent manifestations common of Bipolar and mania episodes. It can just be a feeling of all that had meaning and importance is gone, when one lost a dear friend, a job, health or has made another life changing experience.

As I wrote in Part 1 and 2, Ego collapse is an almost necessary consequence of giving importance to fewer and fewer areas of one’s life. The fact that these interests become Attractors that suck all available energy, triggers eventually this process to even out the extreme differences .

After an episode all feels grey and nothing has any more this all-consuming importance/reality that it had before. For some this can lead to total loss of orientation as all the reference points they had built over a life-time have vanished. For others like Sean Blackwell and myself it can offer you a new beginning where all that was important and limited your ability to choose had disappeared.

Jesus said “If you do not become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven” and this points to the state after an Ego collapse where one is just lacking points of orientation as in little child and ones informational matrix becomes a Tabula Rasa

When we have this understanding we can much better help those that went through an Ego collapse and we will understand how unpredictable their behavior and reasoning may be, just like little children.

Informational Medicine is the Science of Reset

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Different forms of Reset – We are all programed to dislike Reset

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We need a small version of this every day, everyone knows that in the evening when one or another matter has consumed your energy completely,  you are so exhausted and often desperate, but in the morning after a night’s sleep all is again different and the stumbling blocks of the night before have either disappeared, have found a solution or simply are not so important any more – this is what I call RESET.

A reset in a computer sets all data and programs back to their initial status, there is not any one program any longer that takes over all resources or even gets stuck in some routine. Reset or Reboot is the most frequent cure for all kind of informational issues. We have to learn how we can apply this to our lives. We all do it in one way or another but because of our lack of knowledge and awareness in this process we might not see that there are other possible resets than “Going to smoke a cigarette” or “Having a secret affair with our secretary” to get motivation to continue.

When we do something too long or with too much fear or intensity we also feel stuck because this part of Ego that has grown from all the energy we fed to it has become the predominant attractor.  How we can avoid this and even make it the central purpose of our life and the source for spiritual transformation I will describe in post 14.






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