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How little do we know of the commonest phenomena of our life! We fancy ourrselves to be very learned, and we are puzzled by the most ordinary things. We are even incapable of replying to simple questions that any child might ask, such as: ‘What do we do when we are asleep?’ ‘What are dreams?’.

Through the effects of sleep or meditation, our consciousness is always in connection with the information fields. Ideas and visions are a product of the emancipation of our consciousness, rendered more active by the suspension of the active life of relation, and enjoying a sort of indefinite clairvoyance which extends to places at a great distance from us, or that we have never seen, or even to other worlds. To this state of emancipation is also due the remembrance which retraces to our memory the events that have occurred in our present existence or in preceding existences the strangeness of the images of what has taken place in worlds unknown to us, mixed up with the things of the present world, producing the confused and whimsical medleys that seem to be equally devoid of connection and of meaning. The incoherence of visions is still farther explained by the gaps resulting from the incompleteness of our remembrance of what has appeared to us in our dreams or meditations (comparable and similar to that of Whole sentences, or parts of sentences, that have been omitted).

During sleep and meditation, our consciousness communicates with the information fields, leading to the situation that when the body awakes, the active consciousness remembers what it has learned, and we all think we have invented it. This means that several persons may find out the same thing at the same time. When we say that an idea is ‘in the air,’ we employ a figure of speech that is much nearer the truth than suppose. Every one helps unconsciously to propagate it.

Our consciousness is not enclosed in its body as in a box, but radiates around it in every direction. It can, therefore, hold communication with others, even in the waking state. This is the reason why many persons can have the same idea at the same time. It is also the reason why different persons can see and understand one another without having any need of human speech. Working with the CoRe is an ideal way to obtain very remarkable results, using the procedures just explained, and by taking into account all issues addressed to…..

Willy De Maeyer

Kiran’s comment :

The MIX-up that happened in the last 50 years between Energy and Information has been going on for even much longer between Information and Consciousness.

The idfference between Information and Energy that nobody until now has formulated is the following :

Information is not ruled by Space and Time wheras Energy is.

Wilhelm Shakespeare a master of the informational realm that about his informational experience  :

As nimble thought can jump both sea and land – a quick a thought as quick as thought as I can be

of course many of our concepts are based on Space and Time however Information itself is not, its action is instantaneous and eternal, direct and non-local.

For Information  and Consciousness there exists an equal difference that has never been defined :

Information is the multitude of qualities whereas consciousness is  non-multitude/ non-duality it is ONENESS.

Consciousness has been refereed to under different names TAO/ SELF/ SOURCE/ ONE/ GOD/ SPIRIT

ONENESS is not more rare than Multitude for us it is just a sense of existence that we have to re-learnhttp://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/Information-Consciousness-Cycle-205x300.png 205w" sizes="(max-width: 372px) 100vw, 372px" />

ONENESS is not more rare than Multitude for us it is just a sense of existence that we have to re-learn

From the above definition it is clear that if we say MY/OUR consciousness we are speaking not about this but about information…. all our ideas/ memories/ concepts of oneself/dreams/ opinions and so on as for consciousness does not exist any ME/YOU/THEY/MINE

Also when we say “Consciousness is not enclosed in our body” we again do not speak about this but about information as for consciousness does not exist an inside/ outside  or being part/ not being part. as it is ONENESS.

Most meditation is about connecting to the informational matrix or organizing the informational realm and there is other meditation that is about connecting to the realm of consciousness.

Clairvoyance, dreams, astral travel, channeling or all other mental/ psychic processes are dealing with  the informational realm.

LETS start a fresh division that lets us talk without too much confusion :  Matter-Energy-Information-Consciousness

the  CoRe system is the interface between Energy and Information and between Information and Consciousness.


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