Dr Burzynski wins another legal battle with the Texas Medical Board

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Thank you and Congratulation Dr. Burzynski

I am very fortunate that I could be useful in the plan of the forces of light being instrumental in

bringing recognition to Dr Burzynski’s work from the highest places in the Catholic Church


now Dr Burzynski has won another legal battle and informed me as one of the first

Kiran Schmidt

– Grandmaster  Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller

November 28, 2012

Dear Dr. Schmidt,

I would like to give you great news that the lawsuit with the Texas Medical Board has been dismissed.

The investigations by the TMB started in 2008, and involved novel off-label use of combination gene-targeted therapy even though all drugs are FDA approved.  Early on, two medical board Informal Settlement Panels found that the use of these combination drugs for the treatment of advanced cancer patients was within the standard of care.  However, the TMB refused to drop the case and, instead, filed a formal complaint alleging the same standard of care violations that were previously rejected by the Board settlement panel.


After two years of intense litigation, the case was set for trial in April 2012.  However, a week before the trial the administrative law judges dismissed most of the charges against me which forced the Board to adjourn the case and do some re-evaluations.  After the judges denied the Board’s attempt to reverse the previous partial dismissal of the case, the Board had to move to dismiss the entire case.  Therefore, the case was dismissed on November 19, 2012.


It is important to note that both patients who were treated by novel personalized gene-targeted therapy were incurable by any standard treatment and had spectacular responses to our treatments.


Thank you very much for your overwhelming support!


With kindest regards,

Stanislaw R. Burzynski


Burzynski Clinic

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Houston, TX 77055

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Dear Dr Burzynski

I am very happy for this new victory – and I am even more grateful that you inform me as one of the first of this good news.
You are a warrior and the history of your family is full of bravery and courage, probably all to prepare you for this one man fight with the biggest and most ruthless  industry of all time – the pharma industry.
I can feel a little of what you are going through because of my constant struggle with the “medical device buro-cracy”, which has tightened now even import to India and Pakistan – countries where millions of people live in misery while they pretend to protect the safety of patients.
I went through a near death experience almost to the day 7 years ago in which  my wife and dearest friend of 20 years lost her life and I was given the clear understanding that the matter is not if you live long or short, if you die of an accident, cancer or old age.
What matters only is not even the cause for which you fight, but the spirit in which you receive victory or defeat. If the spirit is that of vanity or blame everything has been lost, if it is one of gratitude and humility everything has been gained from the encounter.
I know you are in the place that you are in because your grounding is that of your religious connection to the catholic church and the great tradition that it represents. Let us work, to make our successes in healing a tribute to the forces that make us what we are and what we have been able to archive. I know these forces want us to show to the world that all struggle for health or for justice is a war that is set-up  by the creator for the knights in the spiritual tradition to evolve.
with my greatest respect for you and your work
Kiran Schmidt

(if You have not seen it please see this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jRua3NLg-Z8#! )


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