Does your Sex life influence your health ? What is consciousness ? 3D Body scan


In Brazil the concept of “Vegetarianism is virtually unknown – likewise very few had an idea that the world was supposed to end/change yesterday – Brazilians are  a very unsophisticated people when it comes to “philosophy” but very sophisticated when it comes to “looks” and sex – here is my first hand ? insight in this topic and how it connects with informational and energetic medicine :


  1. Does  Sex  influence our health more than diet ?
  2. What is Consciousness ?  How sad if it would just mean to : Be-here-and-now, or even worse : To-be-the-observer
  3. Why are Lyme, AIDS, AUTIMS, ADHD on the increase and why are they are such good examples of Informational diseases ?
  4. Christmas, new year and carnival celebrations have become incapacitated to fulfill the job they were originally intended for  – to allow a reset – to start as fresh. The Bioresonance-LaesEr is the tool to do this – as often as you wish – and the Cocoon its future extension.
  5. Related to this – Why are so many people producing ever new hypes about a coming savior, a new millennium or an Armageddon ? – because what they really grave a  personal RESET
  6. The 3D Body scan in pictures


From a beautiful summer morning in Brazil



PS:  I want to extend our very successful “End of the World” promotion – under the new heading – “Sacrifice to the Mayan Gods” – although much less bloody as they were used to – just as gesture of good will.


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