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as you can see by now this Forum is not only about the CoRe system but about a way to live a fulfilling live. Culture in general and healing in particular have promoted the values of stability to such a degree that some can see that most diseases are a result of it. When you absorb and live DLE in your live I promise you that you will never want to go back and you will become one of the first that can read the message of our times :

Don’t try to stay in control, but go with the flow/ present moment/ intuition and start to read and follow coincidences. Everything is connected and accessible for those who are open to change.

As an example I give you the 2009 time-table of my friends Pal and Agnes who are one of the most successful of our distributors Jan. They love to climb mountains in between all the work they do for CoRe

Argentina, Chile – Patagonia
Torres del Paine Circuit
Wales, hiking Snowdown -the highest mountain of Wales
Slovak Paradise
Alta Via 1, Dolomites in Italy
Kungsleden, Arctic Lapland in Sweden + hiking Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden
High Tatras + hiking Rysy 2500m
West Highland Way, Scotland
Nov. – Dec.
National Blue Tour, Hungary 1128 km altogether – at weekends 40-60 km long parts
Our photos are here:

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