DLE – Dynamic Labile Equilibrium state of health


1. Which is the most effective means to measure this mix between the challenge polarities and develop DLE?  Laeser-Bioresonance or Inergetix CoRe?

2. What has “REBIRTH” or “SELF-REALIZATION” to do with DLE ?

3. What makes a LASER different from a light-bulb and why does this correspond with the difference between an unhealthy person and one who is in energized by the LaesEr ?

Dear Kiran

I totally agree with DLE: every moment of our lives we are challenged to create a DLE between countless physical, energetic, informational or spiritual polarities.
My failure to do that, despite following regular spiritual practice, is a source of my pain and low energy.

One who cannot master this skill will suffer much in the days to come.

Jung’s shadow work deals with that, asking us to embrace our shadows. Yet, the bodies of these shadow worker CANNOT take that amount of energy and balancing and integration.  Some jung people I know have cancers and poor health.

I agree totally: all disease is the result of an unwillingness or inability to equalize between one or another polarity although the situation has changed and calls for another ratio of equalization (or in my own understanding, another ratio or % mix in applying the different spiritual principles.  Mastering one is hard enough, applying a few in a mix is very difficult.).

Which is the most effective means to measure this mix between the challenge polarities and develop DLE?  Laeser-Bioresonance or Inergetix CoRe?

Kiran : The CoRe software finds the areas in which you have not enough flexibility to move between the polarities that pose the challenge – so in a way it is a diagnostic means.  Informational communication with the CoRe Communicator can help to make this field of tension more natural to be in a flow between the two ends of the spectrum which will manifest in more ease of living, less tension, more health and in being more comfortable who you are.

The Bio-LaesEr on the other hand has no diagnostic function but exclusively amplifies the clients Eigen-frequencies and feeds them back as light, electricity and magnetism. The Bioresonance with the Eigen-Field is the basis for a good Sense-of-Self which will give the inner security to be able to be in a state of Dynamic Labile Equilibrium to be less dependent on  other artificial means of security like habit, prestige, money.

Yes, I agree with illnesses as a source of energy that can get us on the path to liberation from all these imaginaries ideas about our identity, our likes and dislikes, our friends and enemies, our ailments and remedies, you have to use it in a very different way:

Yes, I always have a sense that collapse and chaos are essential for my growth.

Kiran : chaos and collapse is only a last measure of nature if you have been resisting DLE in an area for too long

And if you can show me ways to do that, I would welcome that.

Thanks for the following:

That is my point – we have to open up and see that unpredictability, uncertainty, chaos, tragedy, frequent change, in short DLE the state is that has the potential for total transformation, whereas the mindful meditation something is that you can enjoy without end once you have arrived but it will not get you there, it’s just a little calming patch and  in fact it will delay the arrival/ collapse.

Mindful meditation can be used as an addiction, the same as tantric sex, monogamy, polyamory, living in a community, communication tools and any other means.

Kiran : Yes particularly the DLE between monogamy and polyamory is the most explosive state in any culture but also any sensitive and responsible experiments in this direction have so much potential for growth. This is a big topic – I will make a separate post about this but also see http://mindconscioushypnosis-psychologicalhealth.com/sexual-relationships-part-2-any-healthy-dle-requires-a-centre-of-gravity/

And also none of the above can be an addiction.

So yes most people are afraid, if something is going painful or threatening in their body. If you give some calming advice or explain to them where their problems come from – if you are a charismatic doctor – everyone will leave more at ease and even pain free.
However as revolting as this sounds, it is just a more subtle and informational patch than pain-killers.  Shamans would  go the very opposite way they would frighten their clients  more with masks and rituals or increase the pain requiring them to walk over glowing charcoal or piercing them with needles.

Kiran: If he is into “-ism” of any kind and CoRe indicates it, be it “Vegeterianism”, “New Ageism”, “Borelosism”, “Motherism”, “Loveism”, “Trueism”, “Realitism” or “Feminism” tell them to start to dislike THEIR BELIEVE in it, not because it is bad but because their EGO has made it its strong-hold and the plan for their evolution will not allow this to increase.

Yes, I like to be multi-polar. It is essential for me. Everyday I am not doing that, I suffer.
I cannot agree more: Its a Juggling act – as all DLE and all of live truly is meant to be

Merely having compassion in seeing the different poles is not enough though.

Kiran : Yes the normal New-age talk “I am OK – You are OK” is not enough, it is just lip-service. This idea is not about balance but about the freedom and ability to live the different polarities ever more frequently in an alternating way without remorse and self-punishment.

So true: sometimes, when I dabble in the other pole, I retreat and judge myself (especially after others have judged me).  In living a DLE life, I think living alone or in a fluid relationship is easier, unless I have a lover who also is practicing it.

Kiran: Lets remember that a state of DLE, in any area but particularly in the arena of relationship, will never become a routine or something that comes narurally and comfortably, it is a jugling act that needs as “Sense-of-Self” compassion, learing, focus, courage, ability to endure failure – in short everything that makes you truly human and that is avoided by most. AND more importantly it will facilitate the realization that even DLE is not the final goal but become more and more a channel, an antenna for the divine.


Truly conscience is the degree to which one is able to see  the different sides or our being and labeling them as good versus bad is the best way to not see them anymore eventually.

Yes, more and more, I see fewer things as good and bad.  Even people attacking me is still energy, the same as someone gifting me. Or in your terms, information.  When I am not personally attached to the good and bad, I can respond much better to the energy/information exchange.

to be Bi-polar is the most healthy and natural state and there is no need to  punish or block out one side.

Kiran : With the CoRe system we can enter the “unwanted” polarity so to speak in a “Troyan horse” by using as a carrier wave the Eigen-frequency of the person. The person own (eigen) frequency is something that his immune system does not reject as it recognizes it as something of its own. We do this by modulating Eigen-Frequencies with information and/or polar (inverted) frequencies with the Bioresonance-LaesEr. In this way we can informationally and energetically stimulate a persons health like with hot and cold showers.

So Kiran, I am ready, I want to find a practitioner who knows and is practicing what you are talking above. I sense that not every user of CoRe knows what you are talking about and have experience with DLE in their lives.

Where can I find the best persons to help me? I will go to him/her immediately, wherever he/she is, meaning in the next few days beginning June 17.



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Dear Daniel

I appreciate very much that you took the time to put this together – I know it is the most important question that anyone can ask oneself – and I will never be finished with trying to understand this concept more – because whenever you believe to have a final answer to anything, DLE has stopped.

You have made a great step of understanding by realizing that you have not mastered this issue and that so much depends on making it more a part of your life.

I understood only recently that the quasi complete ability to live in a state of DLE is equivalent to what religions really mean when they speak of “realization” or “rebirth”, it is a new way of life that is opposite to almost everything that conventional culture considers preferable.

Therefore I do not expect CoRe practitioners first be able to live a life of DLE before they can successfully use a CoRe system, rather the CoRe system plants the seed of DLE into their lives (through the Hologram-generator), that if used extensively and with dedication will change the life of the practitioner more than that of his clients.

Buddha became enlightened when observing – after sitting for days motionless under a tree, trying to extinguish all physical, mental and emotional movements inside of himself – a tiny leave floating and dancing in the wind, realizing that this was a state of DLE, the only desirable state of being.

He realized that we conquer suffering by continuously going to the one extreme of suffering by mortifications of the body through fasting, motionless sitting nor poverty just as little facilitates liberation as by always trying to avoid suffering through  more comfort and security.

He was teaching the “middle” way between the extremes, the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium state between the polarities, just as Jesus said “Those who want to follow me take their own cross”, which means to accept a live between the polarities.

My contribution to this quest is the understanding that in order to not choose any extreme be it self-mortification or comfort-seeking one has to feel very very comfortable in one’s skin, which I have termed a “Sense-of-Self”.

Most people are taught and try a life long to get this comfortable feeling with themselves by making themselves beautiful, rich, recognized, religious, intelligent, successful, sexy a.s.o. only to realize that this does either not work at all or that it eventually fails.

The way that I discovered was that to get a Sense-of-Self  or what is sometimes called “Knowledge-of-Self” should never in the first place be a mind process but a sensual process. By being more and more often aware of your body sensations like breathing, heartbeat, touch, sound and visuals we learn to love and to value something that is closest to us and that will never leave us as long as we live. For this purpose I created the LaesEr which stands for Life Amplification by Energy Stimulated Eigen Resonance.

This process is the essence of  what we now call LASER which however is an acronym for  “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation “ which in fact does not capture the true essence of what makes a LASER so special. If we just take the conventional definition “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation “  it would mean that every light-bulb is a LASER because also a light bulb creates light by stimulating the emission of photons via the electric current the flows through the filament.

However what differentiates  a LASER  from a light-bulb is the fact that not Light-emission but that EIGEN-RESONANCE is stimulated and made possible via the creation of a RESONATOR mostly via to mirrors between which the light is circulating back and forth.

We create this resonator within us by not only focusing our attention outward but by becoming more aware of the sensations in our own body. This way attention which is condensed energy circulates in our body just as in a Laser-cavity. This makes us very content in our own skin and there is less need for constant diversion on the outside, we are creating  a “center-of-gravity” inside ourselves.

As a result we do not any longer need to find constantly thing in the outside to hold on to like religious dogmas, new-age-phantasies, health-rituals, addictions, recognition by other people a.s.o. We become like leaves in the wind and we are not scared anymore because we this gives less comfort and the illusion of security.

Just like any antenna we become excitable by very fine impulses that would usually pass unnoticed because we hold on to some addiction, life-pattern or dogma. This way we also become more sensible to nature, more compassionate and more open to be directed by divine impulses. You become free in many ways, as free as “dust in the wind” which is certainly very opposite of trying to be-in-control.

You write that DLE for you means to “equalize” between the different polarities, but this is usually misleading – it is very different than the usual “holistic medicine” aim to bring a person into balance meaning for example he has just this balance of sleep and waking or of protein rich and carbohydrate rich food or that balance of male and female tendencies that is right for him in order to be healthy. Equalizing in this way will usually create some level of gray-ness, neutrality or average-ness that will never satisfy or be healthy, in fact it is a pre-stage of death when you are 100% balanced.

DLE means to DYNAMICALLY  move between the poles with ever greater frequency, in the example above one day you only eat meats and the other you only drink beer or one day you are very feminine and the other you incorporate all male tendencies – behavior like this will find great opposition because it makes you unpredictable and no longer controllable.

So what can you do to get there – you will need to find the areas in your life where you are stuck or you move polarities only very rarely, then try to change these pattern back and forth between the polarities ever more frequently & once you realize how much resistance this creates in you, you might be ready to spend the money for a Bioresonance-LaseEr www.bioresonance-laeser.com .

PS: I always ponder how I can help people to have a life less stuck in one place – I possibly will make the BEaMEr http://truepowerbalance.com/  available to sell, at a special price, to have an income, if  someone is willing to start living out of hotels or changing places frequently, presenting it to people in different places – please make a comment on these lines if you have a suggestion.




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