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as you can see from these posts http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/category/applications-and-testimonials/autism/ I am very interested in the field of Autism, as I know it is a very good example of an informational disease and as such has in our contemporary culture no feasible explanation or cure.

I have attempted to post on some of the hundreds of autism support chat-groups but found mostly people that want to stick to their familiar explanations which is about blaming vaccination, pharma industry, mercury, toxins in our food and electro-smog.

I have promoted since long the concept that Autism is a result of a lacking Equi-librium between left and right brain and in particular an over-focus on left brain functioning. To understand this concept one has to know that

1. disease is always an expression of a lacking DLE (here between right and left hemisphere)

2. that the right brain allows us to associate/ connect ideas, feeling, sensations, pattern whereas the left brain is about recording and organizing memory

I said that Autism is an expression of our time in which our culture has an over demand and focus on linear cause and effect reasoning and education that is mostly  about memorizing unconnected bits of information which both re-in-forces left brain activity.

This model got a very strong support from a video that my friend Pal send me …. it shows how strong the left brain can actually manifest if the right brain is out of order in an autistic person……. it allows photographic memory…. and if you hear the comments on this video you will realize the naivety of the reporter who just has pure admiration for such a marvelous memory and seeing no connection to the fact that the person is autistic.

Pal asked if this ability is an expression of a connection to the informational matrix…. and I say NO…. it is simply good memory. In order to have a connection to the matrix a DLE between the two hemispheres is necessary….. only then true creativity is possible and the ability to make new connections.

The CoRe system has this DLE element in the form of the Hologram-generator (which should more appropriately called the Hologram-antenna) and as every user will agree “Work with the CoRe system re-in-forces the intuitiveness of the operator as well simply because it stimulates DLE between the hemispheres and that is the reason that I contribute to the good success we have in treatment of Autism with the CoRe system particularly in combining EMDR with client specific information and informational energy feedback(which however as you remember is a coincidental effect with the changes we make on the spiritual and informational level)


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