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Polarity does exist, we all know, but what can we do with it? Is it a valuable tool, or just another of these traditional issues of orthodox science? Is polarity only restricted to the energy environment in which we live? Certainly not!

When we meet with someone, we constitute the 2 main poles. If we work radionically with a target object, there are two main poles, the target object and yourself. Of course other poles are formed between the target and its environment aso…let’s call it a multi-polar situation in flux. But what keeps the poles in such dynamic situations related in just the way they are? The answer is: Resonance.

Of course this needs some explanation. If you are holding a classic guitar in your hands, and someone is playing a piano in the same room, your guitar body will soon start to vibrate. This of course makes us think that resonance has only to do with energy vibrations, but this is absolutely not the case.Edgar Mitchell (yes, the famous astronaut and pilot of Apollo 14) quotes: “Resonance is nature’s way of transferring information.”, and this is exactly the key issue of working efficiently with the CoRe.

Transferring information is the most important procedure to deal with, because it makes the resonant fields in a multi-polar situation (as is constantly the case with radionics) much more accessible to the CoRe practitioner. It is the personal resonance that allows us to be ‘informed’ by the other. It is the practitioner’s resonance with the target object and vice versa, that forms, and is in turn formed by the quality of the resonant information field that emerges between both.

Resonance, in the classical sense that believes in separate entities, already is not a one-way affair. As soon as one begins to resonate, the information fields open up, and the most relevant information in the particular situation becomes available. So it just takes a small switch in our understanding to see the information fields as foundational. What happens between the CoRe user and his target object(s) has a much more meaningful influence than the traditional theory of the polarity. You can also put it in another way: You cannot reduce the information fields to the sum of its participating beings and entities. The result is a wide portfolio of information due to the resonant factor.

Willy De Maeyer

Kiran’s comment :

Thank you Willy for bringing up this topic, it has become one of the most important ideas over the time working with CoRe and I put it into the

symbol of AIM the hermes or caduceus symbol with the 2 snakes embracing each other it is actually a much older symbol for medicine then the Asclepius

symbol which contains only one snake or pole but is very appropriately representing the one-sidedness of  modern medicine.

AIM symbolhttp://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/AIM-symbol1.jpg 559w" sizes="(max-width: 279px) 100vw, 279px" />

My current approach that I teach in my seminars is to find the key polarity in a persons life which is usually represented in the top 2 items on each

evaluation and use them exclusively for information and communication and have very good results with it…. much better than the very old

rule of thumb to use all results over 35% .

Polarity is the basis of DLE and the moment we are not open for polarity anymore in whatever area is when disease has to come in to re-establish the flow

that is only possible with polarity.

It is not important how YIN or how Yang you are with respect to anything nor is is desirable to establish balance between the two…. imagine a humanity of androgen beings half male and half female, what a nightmare but we are healthy and alive when we can move easily from one pole to the other, day and night, active and resting, vegetarian and carnivorous, supporting and leading, linear and networking……


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