Dislodged gall stone – cholecystitis – hepatitis – pleurisy and pneumonia


CoRe Balancing during Hospital Stay

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And again INKOLI! – David

Dear David,
Here is another report about how CoRe has helped.
End of September my husband was mowing the lawn when a gall stone was dislodged. During the following ten days in the hospital it was not noticed that the stone was stuck in the papilla major. Therefore the liver counts etc. kept getting worse and the result was cholecystitis, hepatitis, pleuritis and pneumonia. His condition became critical; in part because of a pre-existing damaged aortic valve which could no longer handle the continuous infusions. We arranged the transfer to another hospital where the stone was found and removed – the situation was life-threatening because of the aortic valve. During all this time I could use CoRe 4.0 only as support to keep my husband alive.
On October 13, 2006 the life-saving heart surgery was successfully performed in another hospital. With CoRe I supported the organs as much as possible. CoRe 4.0 recommended the homeopathic remedy Ruta (bones, periosteum, fatigue, eye) for the healing of the sternum, and the trauma could be treated with CoRe as well.
After one week my husband was transferred back to the admitting hospital – and with that a “battle field” was opened.
3 days after artificial feeding was started CoRe analyzed “food intolerance”, “allergic inflammation” and “cutis”. In spite of my requests the content of the artificial feeding was not changed; the allergy to the latex tube running over the nose, which had already irritated the skin, was ignored and I had to treat this area for the next 5 weeks again and again to limit the damage.
My husband’s condition did not improve at all; he was too weak to speak, could not move and his gaze became more and more disoriented and confused. I was not able to explain this dismal situation by just considering the known pre-existing conditions. CoRe analyzed “neurologic”.  I then examined the devices in the intensive care unit more closely and found a tube with a label indicating a medication not known to me. When I asked, I was told that this was a sedative which was only given during the night and lost its effect in the morning after closing the inlet. The narcotic sate of my husband also remained during the day and I read the relevant literature regarding this “sedative”. The name was Propofol and it is an anesthetic (well known to everybody in 2009 after the death of a pop star). I then understood the CoRe analysis of the neurological area and the homeopathic remedies phosphorus and aluminum phosphoricum. I started to continuously broadcast phosphorus every morning to bring my husband back to a mentally normal state. And indeed, his life spirit slowly came back, the hallucinations and states of panic occurred less often and he could articulate them again. It was completely irrelevant to me that he spoke in a different language (English instead of German) one day. At least the positive signs increased, and that in spite of five weeks of having been given Propofol.
When analyzing with CoRe I also kept asking myself where various toxic information of pathogens (toxoplasmosis, cytomegalia, hoof-and-mouth disease, protozoans etc.) and even gynecological diseases suddenly came from. Only by accident did I find out that my husband received blood transfusions during my absence.
Therefore I conducted an analysis with the CoRe 4.0 after each blood transfusion and administered the appropriate therapy, if necessary.
In spite of my personal situation I asked myself what happened to the former blood donors. Does the CoRe information go back to the blood donor?
Almost weekly CT examinations were done with contrast media containing radium. The CoRe helped me to remove the barium compounds via the inversion mode.
Furthermore I could balance depression, frequent experiences of fear and the traumas during the time in intensive care, not to mention the E-smog contamination emitted from those devices day and night. As much as reasonable and possible I conducted the organ broadcasting – exclusively on the balancing-mode. The heart surgery and the wound at the sternum were almost forgotten after two months when my husband finally could go to a rehabilitation hospital with neuromuscular damage, muscle dystrophy and general cachexia.
After a total of three month in different hospitals my husband could return home in January of 2007. His memory has been excellent for 3 years, his physical condition is better than that of many other men at the age of 80 – due to CoRe and the determination of my husband.

With kind regards


Kiran’s comment

As always these are coincidental beneficial results of the spiritual and informational therapy by the CoRe system. We could not possibly intend such changes nor do we believe there is any cause-and-effect relationship with these beneficial side-effects on the physical level. In this respect we have the majority of the scientific community behind us as well as the skeptics community … thank you for your support


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