The CHALLENGE-Principle – using the energy of opposition, tragic events, disease, loss, fraud, fear, pain, anxiety, trauma ….


Opposition in whatever form we experience it, is potential energy. Just like in physics it needs always 2 polarities to create an energy-field and it needs something to move between the polarities, movement is what we experience and call energy. There is only different forms of polarities and ways to be engaged with these polarities that creates the different forms of energies. To deal with these polarities that oppose our wishes and expectations there are 7 different classes on how to turn them into energetic manifestations :

1. Fighting back

An-eye-for-an-eye, fighting what we feel to be an enemy be it with words, weapons, anti-biotics…

2. Blaming

Blaming someone else, the politician, the church, the neighbor, the doctor, the wife or something like pollution, bad food, DNA, missing supplements, lack of money, too much stress, the forces of darkness, the lack of spirituality, the modern times, the parents…

3. Explaining, discussing

Endless talk, talk that is not intended to solve or turn into action like most diplomatic talk, analyzing the true cause, pondering about the meaning of symptoms, read more books about the issue, do a workshop…

4. Positive thinking

All has a meaning, in the end it all will be good, everyone is right, there is nothing but light, it is all only an illusion, in the end they have to pay with bad karma, just visualize the opposite and the law of attraction will do the rest for you…

5. Non-violence, non-reactiveness

Do nothing, don’t react, do not cooperate, be silent, withdraw, wait for a time that it will end, meditate, practice non-thought, take some pain killer or mood stabilizer, isolate yourself …

6. Acting-out

Chant Hare Krishna until you do not feel any pain anymore, go to the gym to do the same, send thousands of messages to other people, make negative comments on all the sites that do not share your opinion, smash your car or be violent with someone who has nothing to do with it, eat or mutilate yourself, cry and scream until you are exhausted, do an iron-men competition, do fasting or fire-walking until you feel a different kind of pain …

7. Use the energy for what you really want

You understand that opposition is potential energy and can make you achieve what you really want, not exactly what is opposed right now but what is another thing you always wanted, understanding, a different way of feeling or reacting, energy to realize your dreams (like a sailer cannot go directly in the direction from where the wind blows but he can do it indirectly). Once you understand that 1 to 6 are only ways to turn energy into heat, into entropy, chaos no matter how much justified they might look and how much they are the common way of reacting  then you have found the philosophers stone that can turn lead into gold.

In a way it is the Law of attraction – just visualize what you want – but understand that this visualization needs to be powered by energy – just sitting in your armchair  will not do it . And the most natural form of energy available is the daily opposition we experience remember right in a  moment that someone did you injustice, somebody you loved died, you got a disease or you lost money – waht you else you want – this will turn the energy that otherwise would waste into what you envision.



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