Death by Smart Meter or better be SMART


Dear All

I just got this message :

“Dear Kiran

I dont know if you have the answer for this one or if your aware of this but this is deadly and sweeping the whole USA going for west to east and its now in Arizona california is in a revolution people getting sick   .

The NEW SMART METERS ARE causing people all over California to run for there lives over now 1 million people are sick with this and California is not doing anything .

I have never had sever sleep or sever insomnia problems, or sever headaches with pins and needles in my head and my endocrine system to start my period in 10 days . Also pressure in the head , and a sever heart arrhythmia and palpitations . I have had to run for my life

since the new smart meters have been installed my aunt had a pace maker for 30 yrs had no problems after the smart meter was installed 3 weeks later she died . I called to tell my mom I didnt think I was going to make it and Im 47 yrs old and my sister answered saying my mom is in the hospital and her heart stopped . Lots of people in my community have had symptoms   all the same thing ringing of the ears etc.

Im not electro magnetic sensitive but this is a made up of high levels of radiation , high levels of microwaves and radio frequencies running 24-7 broadcasting .

how can I help my self or do you have a answer . Here is 3 videos I took sorry there now Hollywood production .

you will see that how close I am to a regular meter very low radiation  then of course a cell1 to 2 inches and then the smart meter over 100 feet with extream levels of radiation microwaves and radio frequencies.

I dont have one installed in my home I took my Gauss meter and told them to get it out I have a house 2 doors down he doesnt think they are causing anything  like why would the power company do this to us they are saying its only admitting as much radiation as a cell phone they are lying .

Is there any country to run to .this is horrible to the body and is killing us .

go to and google smart meters

help me if you can I am running to find a safe place to sleep my husband is going crazy with this I cant even go home it make me so sick .

thanks so much ”

Cindy in Arizona

There are probably 5 ways to react to that

1. Do nothing and wait for more severe signs that you should make a change (99% of population will do nothing)

2. Eat more vitamins and supplements – like the person in the video (below)

3. Sue the Electric Company – become rich and then move to the Bahamas

4. Get the electrically conducting fabric that we use for our flex-mat applicators and make some T-shirt and underwear  for you and  a bed-cover – no radiation can penetrate this (you can get it from us – but it is about 200 $ per square meter)

5. You open an online store and sell this kind of cloth and bed-cover – become rich and then move to the Bahamas (if fair give me 10% from the wealth this creates)


DISCLAIMER : Wearing or sleeping under EMF protection as described in (4) may harm your health as it eliminates essential radiation like Schuhman waves from your life. More importantly, this is a Faraday prison, and as we know from Amit Goswami this will not protect you from the bad wishes and intention of your neighbors that attracted the Smart Meter in the first place – thanks to Quantum Activism for this additional fear.

However if you have listened to what I am writing since day ONE –  you have understood that :

1. Blame and Explain leads nowhere

2. The government is not going to protect you – it just is a representation of the collective desire for power,  ignorance and desire to maintain the status-quo

3. America is going down very quickly and terrorist or fundamentalists are not the cause – it is just the end of a cycle – US culture has served its purpose, to break-up all established cultures of the world bring fast food, individual commute with hours of traffic jam, loneliness, throw-away habits, mass-media, e-mail overload and a vaccum of  “substantial” spirituality to the world. And lets not forget the US invention of the Credit Card system that turned the “Land of the free” and many others in a slave-camp of people that only work to match the next due Credit Card payment – without the need of prison guards.

this was necessary to reset crystallized cultures – but now US is crystallized itself  – so as at any DLE before and after – some will try to keep their lives going as before with EMF protection or vitamins and some will just move on and feed the elephants or enjoy the rest of the world


OK – lets stop here – another 50 % of my readers lost for future sales




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