CoRe users provide an important added value to important research issues


Science spends millions yearly to prove what it “knows” or suspects. Yet, each new development demonstrates how much traditional science still doesn’t know.

Men have denied many beliefs because they are quick to ignore what they don’t understand. Methods of observing information fields and possible opportunities to help people have been over-looked because of the simple but unusual nature of the technology. Although that the scientific background to study them has been around for many years.

Yet, research has not been applied to further study. This small post is intended to show first that science, as faithful as it is to determining likely behaviours of life, is not foolproof. Traditional Science must move further beyond the mindset that held back great thinkers like Einstein from the tremendous potential awaiting us.

The new technology developed and boosted by CoRe Inergetix, shows the identification of emotional or biological processes related to people, animals and even organizations, by using the information fields. This technology greatly enhances medical diagnosis while avoiding the invasive procedures so necessary today.

Orthodox science currently looks at this device as an “absurd” new tool of diagnosis (wrong!!!), and this for the simple reason that science doesn’t claim to have all the answers,. The question of heated debate is, if information fields indeed can serve as a valuable platform for re-certification of nature, and all living creatures or man made organizations. This proves to be a tremendous field of promising research, where all CoRe users are providing an important added value.

This argument is already strong enough to enrol for the upcoming AIM training in Brazil, mid April 2010.

Convinced to meet you there!

Willy De Maeyer


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