CoRe System Version 6 is to be released at the Iceland Seminar



Dear friends

After a 18 month developing phase of CoRe System Version 6.   I am glad we can announce that it will be send out to the distributors this week.

This update includes possibly even greater improvements then the change from 4 to 5. As 5 was mainly a big re-working or the user-interface and appearance this change goes much deeper. This upgrade has a complete re-designed database structure to accommodate not only over one million words in the remedy list but also associated pictures and wave-files that have grown the database to 730 MB – which is way bigger then most other applications.

As you can see in the auto-communication of version 6 – it includes information to help us to change our attitude to the forces of darkness

instead of blaming them we have to learn to understand how important they are for life and healing – and as so many of my inventions I have to

verify them at my own body and life – we are here in Iceland for only 4 days now and another 7 to go without any darkness – the picture below is

taken around midnight – and I am getting desperate to see some darkness again 300w" sizes="(max-width: 900px) 100vw, 900px" />

Here is a short first introduction of version 6 :


Here a first testimonial from a Athanasios in Greece :

Hello Kiran,
I installed  core 6 build 359 and this piece of software, I can only say is amazing and outstanding. I just made 1-2 sample evaluations and it came up with interesting things about the client .  I’ll try to test it on clients and write up a fair testimonial.
Bye for now and keep up the excellent work. This is the most advanced system in the world and goes much beyond any other system/device known.


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  1. Hello Kiran,

    Looking forward to see a demonstration of the new version 6. Will it be an approval in broadcasting? You mentioned that broadcasting in 5 is just symbolic and only lead by intention. How will that be in 6? Can you explain this in your answer? I’m still very happy and many times I’m moved by the precise answers we get. So I use Core everyday. Have a beautiful time at all the places you visit. Tineke

    Kiran’s comment :

    Yes in 6 what I consider the greatest advancement is the coupling of energy with Informational broadcasting – this will and has already proven to make a tremendous positive difference – more about this in a special post.

    You are mixing the idea of “symbolic treatment” with the standard mis-conception that this could only mean “intention” – informational laws are just as objective a physical ones and you cannot just imagine that you can “intent what you want” and not even know the laws of the informational realm – its not as simple as the Law of Attraction wants you to think – DLE and the understanding of Coincidence are the keys – I try to get this across in the forum but it takes you to come to one of my seminars to explain it to you they way you need to get it explained – also I will make a post about this