CoRe System compared with other computerized Radionic systems and their philosophy

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What discriminates the CoRe System from other energetic or computerized radionic systems like Oberon, Quantec, or  EPFX/ QXCI/ SCIO/ INDIGO (apart from not changing its name as often as the EPFX )

What is the relationship to BICOM and other Bioresonance technologies – and what it have to do with Believe healing – why can also disbelievers be cured ?  What is informational medicine. What is the connection with Biogeometry and Feng Shui

20th Century Religion was “All is frequency – all is Energy”  and this believe system is what profit minded entrepreneurs use to make people buy their empty boxes.

Symbols, pattern, proportion have an effect on our lives and all Quantum devices use a Random number or random event generator as the central part of their technology . However mostly hinding this fact or covering it up under pseudo-scientific explanations about quantum matrix, nonlinear quantum processes, hyperspace biofield or other methods to “decode the human body field” .

Noise, randomness, contains pattern – this is what we call Coincidence – the basis of the CoRe system is Coincidence Recognition CO-RE.


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