CoRe Seminar in Thailand – BEaMEr news – Recognition from the Catholic Church


  1. Dato Steve Yap is sharing his insight in nutritional therapy for cancer and other life threatening diseases with my comments why this knowledge is essential and complementary to the use of CoRe
  2. Dr Allen Joseph shares his observation how CoRe minimizes initial aggravation and increases the effectiveness of his Detox program
  3. It is easy to be brainwashed by the media to think there are no good places left on this planet – Thailand is one
  4. Siri is sharing his questions on how he sets up a session with the Bioresonance-LaesEr
  5. If you are wondering why you have not heard about the BEaMEr – I can tell you – that things have taken longer because we have integrated some feature that initially I thought not to be possible but the German engineers proved me wrong
  6. The Hospitaller Site, after only one year, has already over 500 reads a day – this shows how high the demand is for topics on spirituality – here is the 3rd post about  Consciousness and Unconditional Love
  7. The first German Pope in 1000 years is taking a very Un-German action – to show his frailty –  another reason for me to share my gratitude for the latest recognition from the Catholic Church towards our work


Greetings from Thailand



Impressions from the land of smiles

and first testimonials of our participants from china


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