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For new ideas, new words are needed, in order to secure clearness of language by avoiding the confusion inseparable from the employment of the same term for expressing different meanings. Words such as Morphogenetic field, Bio field, as well as many others, are old saws that have a definite acceptation, but they are still too limited in their understandability. We don’t think that by introducing the term “Information field”, we multiply the causes of amphibology, already so numerous. Strictly speaking, the communication with this Information Field, is the opposite of all previous radionic theories, even of the non computerized systems.

Everyone who believes that there is something more than just matter, (as well as in the communication with it), is a potential successful radionic CoRe practitioner. Simply expressed, the fundamental theory of the Instrumental Information Field Communication, as practiced with the CoRe, can be expressed as being the relation between the physical, three dimensional world, and the Information fields of the (to us) invisible “world”.

There is another word of which it is equally necessary to define the meaning (owing to the lack of a precise definition). This word is the “soul”. We don’t want to list or judge tons of possible explanations, we only want to highlight the fact that for a successful practitioner, the soul is the cause, and not the effect (as is the case in many definitions).

The slightest superficial glance at the material world around us shows us that most people need to be helped forward by the communication with the information fields, which contain the key to worlds of greater advancement. Mathematics, for instance, are open to every human being; yet it is only through the minds of an Euclid or an Euler, that its fundamental principles are given to the world. Astronomy,Chemistry, Electricity, etc…, are open to the study and investigation of all men; yet the basis of each of those sciences, as of all others, has been furnished, not by the multitude of seekers, but by the insight of some individuals who were in communication with the universal Information Fields, and on whose foundations succeeding inquirers have continued to build.

However all these sciences should not be considered as being the centre of the universe, but just another passage to enlightenment. CoRe is a valuable asset to reach this, by considering the communication with Information Fields, combined with the active awareness of our soul.

Be aware of the fact, that after you have read this little article, the term radionics receives an extended meaning: CoRe not only influences the target objects towards their original Information Field, but even more, it has become a unique way to obtain the key to worlds of greater advancement……….

Willy De Maeyer


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