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with subject line “Nuts and Bolts”


First, thank you sincerely, for having brought CoRe forward into the world. Also thank you for your truly innovative thinking. Aside from my personal meditation, The Forum posts, when they appear, are some of the most refreshing parts of the day. I truly appreciate your mind-set re-orienting responses and explanations. 

Kiran, I want to move forward with my study of the CoRe system, with an eye to acquiring a system and over time developing a healing practice. In the time I have available I have studied most of what’s on the website, and have done some correlative study as well.

Nowhere have I found a “nuts and bolts” explanation of how CoRe actually works. I’m not looking for philosophy such as, “everything is connected” and CoRe accesses the “Quantum Field”, etc. These are not explanations, these are philosophy.

In order for CoRe to access the “Quantum Field”, it needs a mechanism of contact. A means.  On the physical plane, we can use an arm and a hand to reach out and touch. If CoRe is to identify, pattern wise, on the basis of name, dob, pob, etc., an unknown random person among billions on the planet, there must be a means of “contact” and “knowing”. How does this occur?

When a treatment aim is typed into the software, how is it cognized and processed by the software? Treatment aims may involve sensitive nuances and emotional descriptions. What if the treatment aim is entered in the Arabic, or Mongolian languages? Does it matter? I’m led to believe it does not. So what is the software reading? And is it the software that is actually doing the reading? So, we’re talking about a software program that is capable of “understanding” and “interpreting” sophisticated thought processes in any language entered. There isn’t a person or a machine on the planet that is known to be able to do such things. So what is the means? Obviously something quite esoteric.

When we click on “communicate”, what is being communicated? What is the actual form of the informational communication? Not vocalized verbiage, not audio, not video, what? What is the form of the information itself? Ordinarily we know Information as a class of phenomena  that occur on the level of mentality. Generally, If there is not a mind to transmit or receive the information there is not informational communication. However, in this case the information appears to be transmitted for instance, to an organ system, as in the case of an organ scan. How does that occur? 

These kinds of considerations one would think would be the first to come to mind when encountering CoRe. But most of the CoRe folks that I’ve met at seminars , etc. don’t have such wonderings. At least they don’t vocalize them. They are content with the feeling that the system works, let’s use it.

I understand that way of relating, however, I’m not built that way. If I am going to work with the ailments and difficulties of others then I must take seriously what I am doing and how I am doing it. And I must become as much as possible “at -one” with my treatment modality.  This means understanding it inside and out. Upside and down. Please understand I am not coming at this as an MIT Engineering  Department Grad. This is not solely a left-brained position. Yes, the left brain is in there, but it is a “whole-brained” approach in fact. I must know my means and methods globally.

I am very familiar in an experiential way with communication on the non-material plane. I have spent the majority of my adult years studying and meditating, and being worked with by a most powerful Spiritual figure. He worked, and still works with his devotees on a plane perhaps subtler and prior to the informational. So I understand the informational to a large degree. And I have been treated with CoRe for my own imbalances for over a year now, and I have faith in CoRe. I am trying here to say to you that I am on your side.

If I need to come to you or some of your programmers or whomever, then I will be glad to do so. And perhaps some of the CoRe principles may not be looked kindly upon by some of the US Govt. agencies, and there may need to be some sensitivity applied there.

I leave you with this quote from my Spiritual Master who, if I understand accurately your concept of DLE, was and is one of the ultimate Masters of DLE. (When he speaks here of Life with a capital “L”, he is referring to the essential “Lifeness” of Life, The Conscious Light that is the all-pervading Support and Giver of Life to All and Everything.)

“The usual man exploits the Life in his own bodily and mental forms. He does this through worldly and magical and religious and mystical and yogic self-indulgence. But the true Man, awakened in the truth of the heart, which is transcendental or Divine Ignorance-Radiance, understands all experience. He grows, above and below, and becomes whole and full of Life. But he does not hold on to any form of body or mind. Rather, he is the continuous, every moment, radical sacrifice of every aspect of bodily and mental experience, high and low, into the Divine that is his Life and Source and

It is Life that is alive as the Play of the world and every manifest being .Life allows itself to be  modified or transformed into all forms, bodily and mental, and to fill and sustain all forms, and to change and dissolve all forms back to itself. Therefore, the Truth of our lives is our very Condition, not the possibilities of our structural evolution, experience, and knowledge. Only in our sacrifice into Life through radical and transcendental feeling-intuition do we Realize the Fullness of Bliss and Freedom that is the hidden Mystery of Existence.”



Marshall Hornstein

Kiran’s Reply:

Dear Marshall

You are right our world is very much divided into those that  would not spend a minute of thought on something like the CoRe System and just consider it “Snake Oil” and the other half that just is very pragmatic and uses it because they see it works.

I have not had one in all my seminars ask this question in such a straight forward way as you do

I will try to answer yet another form of the same question, as really all I write on this Forum is about answering THE SAME QUESTION which come in ever new forms.

You  say Nowhere have I found a “nuts and bolts” explanation of how CoRe actually works and this is really funny because you have read this forum and much on our site and still say this with total conviction and most people are in the same position as you and still come back to reading this forum (almost 30 thousand page views in ony 4 month). I see myself talking about this question at every seminar and still have seen so many come to me at the end saying “ALL THIS IS VERY ENLIGHENING AND thank you for your truly innovative thinking BUT PLEASE TELL ME HOW IT WORKS”

Our brain and our cultural programming creates a Brain-Perception-barrier that in the end makes it impossible to hear the key message that would shake its concept of reality.

Here again the shocking reality NEWs that I was the first to bring to the Quantum-community almost 10 years ago : Systems like the CoRe, SCIO, LIFE, Oberon are based on a random number generator (either software or hardware based) that associates items in a database with a given client via a random process…..Marshall please don’t tell me you have not read this dozens of times on my site !

So this is it and as you say that you are “not looking for philosophy such as, “everything is connected” and CoRe accesses the “Quantum Field”, etc. These are not explanations, these are philosophy.”  also this post will not give you something new because you are interested in the “Nuts and Bolts” the hard and clean facts and this new science will not catter to the mechanistic mind even if  it puts it in the language of “quantum mechanics”  .

The question that you have is “how can a random process say anything valuable about a specific person”. I ask you how can the random events a person meets in his life say anything about this person ? The problem that you and we all face in this question is based and created by 500 years of cultural program that says “Random events and coincidence are meaningless” or if they are not there must be a cause-and-effect relationship at its basis that we maybe still don’t know but that never the less exists and that we will eventually discover and then it will show that it was not a random/ coincidental event.

We look so much for PREDICTABILITY because our lives are made of it 150w, 361w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

We look so much for PREDICTABILITY because our lives are made of it

I will give certainly give the tribute for the outrageous idea to sell a random number generator as Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface QXCI to Bill Nelson and I know it needed a person with a comedian nature of his to be so successful. I initial came out with my version naming it CoRe System only because I knew there was a big market and if people bought the QCXI for 20 000 $ I would find many that would pay the modest 300 $ that I asked for my first version almost10 years ago. Very much did I did not know the laws of the market….. I only started selling after I increased my price to 3000 $.

But  then working with my own system and getting so much feedback about the amazing healing stories that occurred in connection with  it, I had to ponder how  this is possible and explainable. I did not come far however in this until 4 years ago when I had my car accident in Egypt (coincidentally as this was, where all began for humanities quest for knowledge) and where my wife and friend died and I was for one month between life and death…. In this state out of time I made the same realization that many have made before and that your master puts in such poetic words:

Life through radical and transcendental feeling-intuition do we Realize the Fullness of Bliss and Freedom that is the hidden Mystery of Existence”

I just give it again another name DLE

DLE is the way that we can make contact to the Informational Matrix were all aspects of our life and our “possible lives” is stored. But different then all spiritual masters before I also give  practical ideas what “transcendental feeling-intuition” means and how one can incorporate it into a technical system. Again it is the DLE, we have to make a technical part that is in a state of lability that it can react to influences that are so subtle that they touch the “Margins of our reality” and our reality is made of stabile and predictable events and energies even if they only live a trillions of a second.

With a meaningful coincidence your message had the subject “Nuts and bolts” and that is exactly the opposite of what CoRe and this new science is dealing with.  Its core element of  is more comparable with a feather or “Leaves of Grass” and in its technical realization a semiconductor that is also used for encrypting messages with a random number generator. It is exactly their unpredictability that turn them into suitable antennas for a realm that is complementary but different then that our matter and energy.

In the world that can also be acesssed by a DLE  META-state between left and right brain there is no separation  in time and space. Shakespeare described this “As nimble thought can jump both sea and land as quick as thought that I can be” or “It is madness but it has method”.

Exactly that is our job and that is the great challenge and strength of the CoRe System to “Give a method to the madness”  – to give interpretation and usefulness the random results. Just as the energetic revolution was possible because people found a way to direct boundless energy into directed channels.

I know you want to understand  but please try to understand first and foremost that this new era of informational medicine/ business/ education/ design/ coaching will need a re-formatting of our view of the world that goes much beyond imagining some new wave or energy phenomena and this will also remove this faulty division  between a quest for healing and for spiritual transformation as they are in-separable.

Here are a few topics that I am discussing on this forum that are all tied to each other and without their study we will not be able to understand how CoRe works:

  1. What are forms of DLE and how can one create them and why is it the primary method to connect to the Informational Matrix ?
  2. Why is the Informational Matrix, the Space of Variations, the Morphological Field so fundamentally different then an Energetic Field
  3. What are forms of the Hologram that is the source of all, we called it GOD, the SELF, the ONE, the INFINIT and ETERNAL and how does it relate to the Informational Matrix ?
  4. Why has to be informational medicine always to be personal and why will it always fail if we substitute it with generic protocols, formulas and recipes ?
  5. How is it that the success of informational healing is not only dependent on the client and the choice of the remedy but on the time, location, environment and intent of the healing session. Why do Hard and Clean facts, Nuts and bolt-thinking belong to the mechanistic era of the past and what is the form of thinking that will replace and complement it ?

Dear Marshall
I appreciate the honesty of your approach and that you do not want to go out and heal people without giving your very best to provide them with the finest tool and your highest understanding of what you are doing.
I know however that it is a left-brain approach that looks for the “Nuts and bolts” rather than is radically questioning everything that you were believing until now. This radical questioning that I was forced to do when I was for a month in Coma, having lost everything that I had considered as real and reliable until then was my way of making this almost impossible move in seeing the world from a new point of view….. I know no amount of my writing and explaining will ever change much in any of my readers as the real change comes from a change in consciousness and all information is just a preparation for the intense DLE moments that will come for everyone to catapult you into a new orbit of understanding….. Information can only give it a direction.
Of course you will ask “But what gives for CoRe the reproducibility that others don’t have or how does it do communications at a distance”….. Yes there are a few things that I keep as our proprietary secrets but not because I fear the FDA …. they have been much more correct with me then so many of my holistic competitors.

I want to end here, and as usual I did not answer any of your questions but I hope gave you a lot of inspiration and that is exactly what I want and what I have been given as a mission. To increase the value we give to INSPIRATION and to decrease the seductive value of GENERIC EXPLANATIONS

to be able to “Live in a Blink of an eye” and to experince life from the singularity of the moment… however scarry this might be


Singularity also in Physics means that the next move is unpredictable

Singularity also in Physics means that the next move is unpredictable


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