CoRe helping pain of Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia relief, using the CoRe Inergetix System… suffering extreme pain… lack of energy, unable to move, unable to work, unable to think clearly… pain relief, more mobile, clear thinking, less pain… the change has been remarkable.. Katherine  and CoRe have helped,.. contact Katherine at

Amazing Results!!! I can think clearly NOW, NO MORE FOGGY HEAD




Helen came to see me as she had fibromyalgia, pain all over her body.. she had a foggy head , she was lethargic, and also had a thyroid issue… Helen came to see me weekly for about 2 months then fortnightly then monthly… I have been seeing Helen now for about 8 months and her health has improved tremendously… NO MORE  foggy head, she has clarity of thought, has more energy, much less muscle pain, and has improvement in her thyroid function…..  she  has had amazing results in such a short period of time….. we used the electrodes, plasma generator and magnetic mattress and applicators for Helen

Please remember as outlined in the Inergetix Mission statement we believe with he majority of the scientific community that beneficial physical effects of Informational medicine are Coincidental – we did not intend nor expect it but solely were treating mind, soul and spirit of our clients


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