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Dear CoRe friends,  Greetings from California!

I have a couple of announcements for you.


  • CoRe Guide website for documentation and training –  I recently created a training and support site for CoRe software v6 called CoRe Guide

The site is quite full but never complete. It is laid out as the CoRe system on the top and it has reference materials and other topics on the right.  It is free to all users, it is search-able and dynamic as it will be changing and improving continuously.  It also has v5 documentation.
Your suggestions and contributions are welcome.

  • Custom screens and groups –  I have a few custom groups for v5 or v6 for sale:

Hanna Kroeger $300, Metaphysical $200, NAET $160, Eddie’s Groups $400, Feng Shui $200.  They will be emailed to you for import into v5 or v6. Ask me for descriptions.

  • Upgrade your CoRe software to v6 – If you haven’t done yet, I strongly recommend it.  Version 6 is fully functional, much improved and has all the flexibility of version 5 as far as customizing, communicating and imprinting your own remedies manually (communications can be scheduled only 24/7 for now).

It has added features:

  • -create your own protocols -run a quick session and balancing with only a few clicks
  • -use relational protocols for over 1000 physical conditions – only a few clicks
  • -use the Virtual Doctor site- send a treatment session to your client every day to enhance your treatment and your connection to them
As far as training on v6, the many recorded sessions on v5 are still valid and very useful for the Individual Evaluation portion of v6.  The new CoRe Guide site is very helpful.  We will soon have live webinars and a Manual available  through our Australian distributor.
  • BBR (Bioresonance / Biofield / Rife Therapy) system – I encourage you to add this to your practice, it is truly amazing.  It includes: Health Integrator, Bioresonance LaesEr device, stainless steel hand and foot electrodes, flexible conductive mat and headband, mind resonator LED eyeglasses, magnetic disc, audio CD, and a gift of a UV light sanitizer. There is a guide in the above site, under Important Hardware Guides.

Ask me for:

  1. a description of the v6 software
  2. a price list to see all components of our system configurations – software and hardware
  3. a description of the custom groups and screens available
  4. a description of the Health Navigator, Health Integrator and BBR system

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,

Sonia Jaramillo, CBBT
Health Navigator System Consultant

USA-Worldwide Sales & Support
direct:  001 530 692 0331
computer phone: 001 530 362 4492
Skype: soniajaramillo44
Training site:


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