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I thoroughly reviewed the CoRe v5 sometime ago. I purchased a trial
and attended online training sessions with Sonia.
I never went ahead with the purchase because I couldn’t apply the CoRe
to simulate my preferred testing method of Applied Kinesiology. It
always seemed that the results were nebulous and not reproducible –
though it is entirely possible that I did not have the test set up

I’m writing to you because I thought it prudent to put the issue to
rest once and for all. V6 seems so vastly improved over V5 that I
thought it may have this capability which the previous version lacked.

If we just took a simple example of how I might test a person using
Kinesiology: I might test their level of consciousness as per the
description in David R. Hawkins excellent book ‘Power vs Force’. That
is to determine, on a scale of 1 to 1000, what level their
consciousness registers at.

In the CoRe system I set up a new group of testing items numbered 1 to
1000. Then I created a Client -> then a new session -> then a new
informational Evaluation with the test phrase “What is this persons
level of consciousness?” -> then execute the test against my new group
of test items -> and view the results.

This may be fairly straight forward but I could not see results even
close to what the manual Kinesiology testing would consistently get.

Is testing of this sort something that the CoRe can do? If so, what
was I doing wrong before?

I would be very interested in a web demonstration reproducing my
scenario on the CoRe.

Chris Gibson

Email 2:May 29th 2012
Hello Chris,

greetings from Brazil.
No you cannot test number values with the CoRe because on the Informational level there are no numbers as numbers is a result of our experience of being separate and the measure for that is numbers in terms of distance and time and size and weight on the informational level – the level that is sometimes connected with the mind – mostly not – there are no distances and therefore no numbers the smallest Informational unit is a Proportion but I have seen with too many Kinesologist as with Homeopath they have created a way to do it and to see the world the CoRe would need too much of a re-learning that is why two Kinesologist would test completely different numbers if they have learned with different teachers.
hope this makes sense.


Email 8:May 31st 2012
Hello Chris,

I get every day many e-mails with questions – unfortunately almost nobody opens a conversation on one of the 5 sites and the forum that I made for this purpose. From these years of experience I see 2 types of people – those for whom the left brain is dominant and those where the right is dominant – to me you belong to the 1st category and CoRe will always remain toooo fuzzy you want the measurable scales that has dominated the last 500 years of thinking although you are probably seeing this also as a Kinesologist but the whole concept of Kinesology with the yes/no answer system – which is binary and the most primitive form of Information certainly appeals to our cultural left brain over-emphasis.

thank you for taking this directness with an open spirit – and not the usual YES-BUT

Email 9:May 31st 2012

I think I understand. You think that I am left brain dominate. I would have to agree with you. It’s the world that we live in. I do however believe that the most important kind of intelligence is ‘Creativity’. All great progress in the world happens first by creating with the mind (the right brain as you say) and I am extremely creative. Though I wish that I had been taught from my youth that this was correct I have spent many years trying to reprogram myself. This is an issue that my children will, hopefully, not have as I encourage them to see the world differently – to create the impossible with their minds and to see the ‘coincidence’ in the world around them, to not dismiss what they cannot immediately explain, to view the world with an eye of faith. Though, just because a person uses their left brain more than their right doesn’t mean that they are incapable of accepting what they cannot explain. Think about it – seeing your idea’s and applying them is a right brain function. To understand the paradigm of another person is a right brain function. And healthy people must use both sides of their brain.

I also think it’s ironic that you use computers to create associations as I cannot think of a thing that is more linear in it’s working than a computer! LoL,  and somehow you’ve already taught the computer how to do something impossible – to think in an abstract way.

I’ve seen alot of different ways to heal. One thing stands out to me above all others and that is the patients ability to accept the healing. Jesus only healed people who had faith in his ability. So likewise we have hospital emergency rooms filled with people because they can believe that the doctors can heal them with chemicals/surgery. Some people are more progressive and go to chiropractors/physio therapists/osteopaths/and massage therapists because they can believe in the physical manipulations healing them. Others are even more open and are treated by Homeopaths/naturopaths and even more so by EDS technicians who may give the patient nothing more than water impregnated with something immeasurable. Then there is informational healing. This takes the greatest faith (with the exception of Christ because I still think the faith required to instantly heal mind, body, and spirit at any distance required the greatest faith/belief). Imagine if you could bridge that gap between the emergency room and the informational plan? You’d have a much larger market…sometimes we just need to meet people half way. I’m sure you feel that you are when you are talking to me =D

I didn’t realize you would like me to post this on your forum. You should have asked me to do that initially 😉 actually I was thinking, last night as I was reading through the forum, that our conversation belonged there and I wished that I had started by asking the question there though I have to admit I thought it wouldn’t get answered. I was eager for an answer that is why I emailed. Perhaps you’ll tell me that my impatience is a result of my left brain dominance =P

Anyhow, I will post this in the forum so others may benefit from our discussion.


Email 10: May 31st 2012
yes this will interest many people

and regarding the computer – the heart of the system is the Hologram-generator the rest is only linear computing just what our mind should do

– please send me 10 questions that you think you can answer with Kinesology but not with CoRe



Chris Gibson
1:31 PM (22 hours ago)

to me
What I can test with Kinesology that I cannot with CoRe:Remedies:
1) What amount of remedy x is required per dose?
2) How many doses per day are required?
3) How many days will it take to clear up the issue?
4) What level does this idea X calibrate at on a scale of 1 to 1000?
5) The answer to this question X is yes?
6) There is another issue that needs to be addressed this session?Lost Items:
1) Where is the lost item located? In the house? Out of the house? Upstairs? Downstairs? In a box? In plain view? etc…

I’ve found many things this way that where hidden in obscure places…places that I did not put them.

1) There is enough gas to make the trip?
2) It’s a wise decision to make this purchase?
3) This client intends to show up for the meeting? To be on time for the meeting? etc…

I think the only thing Kinesology is poor at is testing statements related to the future. They get results but are not reproducible the next day and seem very subjective. I always thought this was related to the future changing constantly because of the will of people, but perhaps I’m wrong. I wonder now, what you think the relationship between the Super Consciousness,  our consciousness, our DNA, God’s book of Life, and the informational plane are? They seem related concepts to me and certainly time and space are contained in the perspective of some.

As far as the CoRe goes. It also cannot make distinctions about the future, but it can test 100K remedies in seconds so it seems much more efficient than Kinesology but not as reproducible (still reproducible just not AS reproducible), since with Kinesology we can get the exact same answer to a question asked slightly differently but with the CoRe that was not my experience.

Did I answer your question?


Hello Chris
If you think Kinesology is a valid way of testing – but you only think it is too slow – just copy a little more how computers answer searches – make a list of lets say 4096 remedies and it will take only 12 YES NO questions to answer which remedy of it is the perfect one – or for 65536 thousand remedies it will take only 16 YES NO questions – I guess you know how to to do this – Vegatest was selling the equipment for it – but no is bankrupt – but you can do it just with lists – as you anyway do not need to believe in Energy-frequencies
again I am risking to upset another 10 thousand people who strongly believe in Kinesology – but here it goes :
I think Kinesology is a child of our times and will be replaced and smiled upon in years to come, just as chemotherapy for treatment of cancer
and countless other practices of medicine that once were considered completely reasonable.
Rituals and concepts the are the  basis of conclusions that we take as self-evident but that are in fact only the result of our cultural pre-position

Lets see with Kinesology what are its unexpressed assumptions :

1. You can get significant answers about complex conditions in a Yes/ No mode

In the binary age where computers all work with only 2 states Electricity ON /OFF and can do amazing things based on such simple reasoning it is easy to believe one could ask for example :
Patient X has a level of consciousness of 89 (on a scale of 1 to 100) YES/NO  – If I would ask 10 people what they think is Consciousness they would give me probably 10 very different answers – but the naive Kinesologist believes he can even test the level on a scale like the weight of a body – those who cannot laugh about such an assumption I do not believe any argument will convince
In a place like India it is an offence against the truth to make any definite Yes/NO statement – even if asked for  the correct way to XYZ
2. What is Good for you is when you react strong in a Kinesology test
Only  a person brought up in USA and maybe Germany can believe such a thing – in almost all places in Asia the other point of view has been cultivated for centuries – if you react STRONG it means you are weak and deep down are not certain about yourself or weather it is right what you are doing – but exactly this assumption is the basis of Kinesology
3.Deep down you know what is good for you – so we can find out with Kinesology
This is the American Virus in pure form – you do not need to be told what is good for you – in fact distrust anyone who tries to do so. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE – YOU ARE GOD and as such just need at best only a tiny help to realize  what is your essential knowledge – it is all there – you know it all – just stupid culture and religion wanted you to believe that you are not yet ALL-Perfect and ALL-Knowing (sounds like yet another bestseller ?)
However I think nothing is further from the truth – we are all the time running in dead-end streets because we think “WE KNOW” and only if you travel a lot you know you need good advice or at least a good GPS.
I think even the most profound lesson that life has and can teach is what Socrates said about himself
“I know that I know nothing”
I have seen dozens of Kinesologists who swear on the effectiveness of Kinesology and would not hesitate to give even cancer patients advice based on their testing but who would never bet even a few dollars  on the numbers that they found with Kinesology for the next Lottery drawing or decide which education their child should get or where to move next – my friends you put high responsibility on your backs with Kinesology – so don’t appear to be so certain

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