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Dima and Dima – I thank you.

Core 6 is magical and much of that is thanks to your wonderful programming skills.  I personally value your input into Kiran’s creation.  You have given us so many options, and have enhanced our ability to present to our clients possibilities to experience at depth the beauties of CoRe.  The ongoing fine tuning brings more enhancements for us to use. With each update I find something that was not there before.  Your recent adjustment to how we can now load frequencies has helped me have a more organised database.  I am very grateful, and I thank you.

Protocols are proving very time saving and most of my evaluating is now done this way.  It has meant developing a lot of new screens to section the database to meet my objectives.  I still have more work to do here to cover further situations specific to clients. Protocols are truly time saving.


From METHODS, COMMUNICATE I am using for some Organ Balancing where I want to communicate to the whole organ and have the benefits of carrier frequency, light dark etc. I am also here using this option to add my touch to what is communicated.  I am not a Homeopath so I am using the potency option to add things like say if I am treating a burn with Aloe Vera I will add in the potency option a direction to the location of the burn or for a deep emotional issue I may use the potency option to direct the remedy to the inner child. Being able to potenise each resonance differently does extent your range of possibilities.


Skins – With the latest updates I am having fun with changing backgrounds, skins, icons. With my image selection set to random it’s a nice daily dose of DLE to see what comes forth.  With screen images, to have more than one picture as Kiran has on many of his screens I am using PowerPoint to build my screen image and saving the slide as a JPEG image before importing into CoRe.


Recordings – I am finding that clients are willing to listen to recordings of frequencies (using Sine wave) so I am using this option often. A ten minute recording is small enough to email.


The Dual Frequency option that evaluates for resonant settings is bringing noticeable quicker relief for clients with acute issues. Often I find that Core is suggesting many short sessions at different settings.


Single resonance selection.   Being able to have a very focused access to select resonances to evaluate from within groups is assisting in building a picture for my clients.  It is simple to now take the top result from one evaluation to include it in the next.


So it is now about 5 months since the release of CoRe 6 and it is ticking over nicely with refinements constantly being added.  I am finding it filled with options, potential and still much to understand (especially Quadtrinity). Here I have indicated some of the ways that I am using CoRe.  Please help me keep a conversation going by adding your insights or even questions.  Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of sharing CoRe 6 with several of the local users and we have all learnt from each other. Here we have the tools in this forum to make that sharing a global event.

Joan Shadbolt,



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