CORE 6 – Communicating/Informing Frequencies


Core 6 for me has now mostly overtaken my use of Core 5.  One of my outstanding dilemmas was how to inform and auto communicate frequencies.  So….. This is what I am trying now.

I created in the Single Frequency Therapy screen a group, added frequencies, and a description of Hz.   Below is an example of what I am attempting.

I also add this group to my CUSTOM screen

So now from the Custom Screen I ran an evaluation, report etc.  and this is what I am being shown as communicated, informed etc. So what do other users think?  Will this be effective?

After watching the first of the Iceland DVD’s I have gained a deeper understanding of how CORE 6 is working, and further appreciation of the depth of the program and it options.

I am embracing Protocols and finding that I am spending less time running evaluations and more time running the therapy options.

Once again thanks Kiran.  Also big thanks to Debora for all her efforts in recording the Iceland seminar. They are very much appreciated.

Best wishes to all




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