The concept of “Coordinate Systems – Archetypes” is the left brain companion to the right brain attempt of a  holographic ordering of our our experience.

The basic idea with Coordinate Systems – also called Archetype Systems is that certain combinations of qualities have a greater importance/ significance/ reality/ stability/ commonality than other combinations. These Archetypes are usually given names that increase the tendency to consider them real/ normal/ unchangeable/ fixed/ defined and as a norm that carries its own/ independent driving force and intelligence.

Very basic archetypes are


This simple example alone that many discomforts and sicknesses come from a desperate attempt to live a set of qualities that are  considered as appropriate for the Archetype/ Coordinate dimension that one believes to belong to. 150w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 601px) 100vw, 601px" />

Astrology is one of the oldest and most developed Archetype system

Archetypal systems are a result of the left brain, also in its more exotic forms, an attempt to put things, experiences, people into specific categories.

Other archetypes are :

Hetero – Homo sexual

Christian – Pagan

Blood-type person

Vatta- Kapha- Pita

Fire- Water – Earth- Air  type

Miasma type


Enneagram- type

Intellectual – Emotional – Physical type

Mother – Child – Father type

Dog – Cat type

Vegetable – Meat type

Western eastern type

Follower – Leader type

CoRe results until now do not respect any archetype system of thought and are generated based on a holographic process and therefor interpretation of results based on  a specific but inappropriate coordinate system will generally create difficulty in understanding. CoRe vers 6 will integrate various left hemisphere  systems to evaluate, but for now we have to become more fluent in the different Archetype systems and be aware that any form of left brain thinking is based on certain sets of archetypes to be able to have a broader understanding of CoRe evaluations and different modes of perception.

This is a large topic and will be discussed in many post all recorded under the following category :

WARNING: without proper training the use of Archetypal thinking just like any “Typal” – thinking can easily lead to Stereo-type thinking and what this means you can learn here


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