One of the concepts that is key to the understanding of many illnesses and of Informational Medicine in general is that of CONSCIOUSNESS

In our culture that is so bare of the basic knowledge of the principles/ laws/ forms/ theory of information the concept of consciousness is mixed in the pot without any discrimination. Consciousness is just as like likely to be used to describe the highest manifestations of human-hood and as to be assigned to the most mundane processes of the mind like “being conscious of when the bus leaves” or “consciously choosing the right dress for the dinner”. We cannot hope to know anything about Consciousness if we use it with so little discrimination ?

Here I want to introduce the division that consciousness is not mind-activity and is not working with the same material that the informational realm, the matrix, is dealing with as for example, ratios, forms, words, pictures, symbols and that the Information is as different, orthogonal but complementary as matter is to energy or energy to information.

Also I want to define other concepts as synonyms with








Discriminating it from Information will allow to develop methods and theory of spiritual healing and disease as distinct from informational healing and disease.

If you do not understand the difference between Information and Consciousness you make many misconceptions for example I have heard people talk of “A different person entering somebodies body” after an accident. You will see that it is a mistake to equate Person = his soul/ his informational content, as I know a person is at his deepest level not his soul but his spirit/ SELF/ Consciousness…. but I can tell you it is a strange experience for a Spirit to inhabit another body but is much more profound of a change to inhabit a different Soul…. but we had to go through these transitions all many times and my post “RESET-my personal story” can give just a taste of that

but daily work with the CoRe system is teaching us not to take our informational content/ our soul for so definite and real and this is what is necessary for healing as well as for spiritual connection.


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