Combining Rife and Bioresonance , Free Android and iOS App for BEaMEr, Katherine in Europe, Marco 200 Clients per day



  1. Combining Rife and Bioresonance therapy

  2. The Android and Apple iOS interface for the BEaMEr can now be downloaded

  3. Katherine is doing me the great favor, despite her many other obligations and offering teaching seminars also in Europe

  4. At my visit in Portugal last month I was again amazed about the volume of clients that my friend Marco Paulo is able to receive at his Quadrinity clinic while still managing to have a 4 day week. (Disponível em Portugues na mesma página.)

  5. The Bioresonance LaesEr creates such perfect resonance that users compare the experience of only 3 Volt with shocks of a sheep-fence. For the super sensitive we will soon have a cable that reduces voltage even further to millivolts only.

  6. A quick overview of all our products


PS: Science is coming closer to the verification of the age old understanding that : “our 3-D world is the projection of information stored in a hologram that looks to us like noise” But as mostly, contemporary science has it upside down – 3D is not an illusion of a 2D reality but on the opposite 3D is a limited experience of a higher dimensional reality.



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