COHERENCE (The autistic mind-set)


At the AIM training one of the new concepts of informational medicine that was introduced and its practical application demonstrated  was


All our educational system is aimed at creating a coherent citizen who fits into a box that he fills in a productive way. Autism is an extreme form of this tendency, but it will grow as long as we do not realize that our drive for Coherence is the cause for it…. and Autism is only one of the many forms that this OVER-COHERENCE creates – others are :







whereas forms of OVER-COMPENSATION are






because we are so Coherent these things happen 216w" sizes="(max-width: 278px) 100vw, 278px" />
…. being stuck in traffic jam or anywhere just because we are in sync with the majority

Who was ever diagnosed with a Coherence-Spectrum-Disorder CSP….. most autistic parents certainly belong to this category…. I tried to sign up for several Autism chat groups but was always denied because I could not give enough proof of me properly belonging to this interest group…. this is a common questionair that you  have to fill-in when you want to join an AUTIMS chat-group :

1. What is your first and last name?
2. Are you a parent of a child with autism? (You must be a parent of anautistic child in order to join.)
3. Age of child?
4. Age of diagnosis?
5. What kind of program do you have?
6. What issues are of importance to you?
7. Do you work for a school district or have any work relationship to anydevelopmental disability agency?
8.  Do you work for or have any financial interest in a company or agency that provides products or services to families with autism?  If so, what is the name of the business and what is your role in it?  Does the business/agency charge a fee for services?
9. How did you hear about this list?
10. What school district are you in?
11. What city do you live in?

12. Was anyone of your grandparents affected by Autism

13. Do have any possible interest in helping autistic children or their parents, if yes, explain on the page attached

14. Do you have any proof or your good standing and right intend ?

15. Are you connected to any religious organization or cult ?

16. Are you really sure that you want to join this chat group ?

AND if you omit to answer any one you are not accepted……

What Autistic children as well as most of their parents would need is some DLE and RESET, to get our of their need for regulating, predicting, protecting and saving themselves and their children.


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