What has Coherence to do with health


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Coherence is mostly not useful - but destructive - at least for humans

Summary : Why COHERENCE is mostly not a sign of health. What has Kali Durga, YIN, sleeplessness and the CoRe to do with that. What did Shakespeare wanted to indicated when we said “It is madness but it has method” and what we can learn from this for an ideal state of health.

Dear Kiran,

I understand that you’ve been on this quest for much of your life. Staying at anything for a long time yields insight that can onlybe explained in a metaphysical manner. At present, I feel like I’m channeling the Yellow Emperor (?)

I ask about night time because, my present perspective on humanfunctioning is that daytime is best lived in conscious coherence. As one one would expect in this world of Yin and Yang, nighttimeis best lived in unconscious randomness. It is that Yin time that is so incredibly healing and restoring. So my guess is that we are dealing with 2 sides of the same coin. Does that make sense?


Dear Steve

thank you for continuing this inspired exchange…. there are few people that can continue a discussion constructively

If you go to our home page www.inergetix.com and scroll down a little you see the Yin Yang animation – that shows how I see its message – please try it

I know that the usual Yin Yang sign exceplifies  a 50/50 proportion between yin and yang that in fact is not healthy for most people given their individuality also what was completely forgotten that yin yang does not only show something about the necessity of the presence of opposites in the same living being … like male and female aspects have to be present in the same person but not as we would think manifest at the    same time in kind of a drag-queen fashion.

Of course this understanding was there in the beginning and is still very good preserved on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yin_and_yang but in practice the static interpretation has become upper hand.

They actually have to alternate with their specific intensity continuously and the higher the frequency of this alternation the higher the degree of health of a person. And so with every other polarity in our life for example waking and sleeping….. for most the frequency of this alteration is only once every 24 hours that means you are supposed to sleep 8 hours and then be 16 hours awake….. this is not very healthy or alive from my point of view.

We know that children who are more alive and healthy than most adults the sleep and waking frequency is more like 10 per every 24 hours much to the dismay of their parents who do want to make them coherent to their 1 in 24 hours cycle and mostly succeed … thinking that they did something very good for their child.

As I teach in my trainings to be in contact with the informational matrix you always have to be in one or the other DLE a dynamic labile equilibrium between 2 polarities. Of course everybody becomes very psychic and intuitive when they are between life and death, I had to experience this in my one month of coma and much of what I am teaching now is a result of that. However we have this in many ways every day, we just dont pay attention to it because nobody teaches us. For example just when we are falling asleep or in the time when we are only half asleep in the morning – then we are the most psychic and intuitive and we dream dreams that have often very usable content.

BUT we are educated not to have these semi-awake or better sleep-waking-alternating states

during the day but to be wide awake….. but as we will know the most inspired new ideas we probably ever had just when we were falling asleep at a business meeting. SO I do not know what you mean with CONSCIOUS COHERENCE but certainly it is not a reality for most people but “Unconscious coherence” they follow the ways they were taught, and if you travel a lot you can see how coherent ways of conduct are in different cultures but also how different.

When you make a new choice to be in coherence with any new set of rules, be it rules of conduct, rules of meditation, rules of nutrition, rules of breathing you are always in an IN-Between state, you are a learner, a beginner you are in a DLE between the old ways of doing things and the new ways…. this is the most healthy state and to me the most conscious one but also as we all know the most likely uncomfortable one. But as soon as we have squired some mastery in whatever or some habit, formalism, protocol we again feel that we have mastered the challenge and that we are in a better on a higher level…. and I say NO the opposite is the case…. True mastery is to acquire rules and coherence and then be able to give it up…. and ultimately we are in coherence with the divine – but this is unlike anything we usually associate with the idea of COHERENCE – from the outside it mostly will look like Madness  ….. but as Shakespear said so correctly as he knew what he was talking about


SO my teaching I am renewing the understanding that nothing on its own,  not Yin or Yang, or anything else,  has any value, if  it is far from the other, in fact it is a sign of stuckness that has to be reset by shocks or disease. The Yin alone has for me NO healing power what so ever, it is an abstract extreme that if realized in a higher degree of purity is lethal.

If you take this one consequence from the  basic concept you understand why Kali Durga the PURE FEMININE the pure Yin was always symbolized with pictures like this :

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.... the pure FEMININE, YIN as depicted in the Kali Durga principle

And associated with death, as the pure FEMININE is as deadly as the pure MASCULINE and everyone would agree that many children got damaged by a lack of mothering or a too masculine mother but I and you know just as many people were damaged by a too mothering mother by too much Yin that got stuck in its role to protect and nurture.

From this point of view it is also understandable that sleeplessness increases in older age again because it is one method of nature to keep people alive and provide at least limited contact with the informational matrix by a more frequent wake-sleep cycle …. but of course our culture believes there is something wrong and it has to be fixed with sleeping pills, organic herbs or breathing exercises…. again in order to establish the coherence with the generally accepted sleep-wake cycle.

As you can see I could continue giving you more and more examples, why in most cases forced COHERENCE is the reason for sickness and why DLE is the way towards health and in fact is the best definition of health.

Our CoRe system contains a Random element that I call Hologram generator that is its antenna to the Informational matrix as its semiconductor element is in a DYNAMIC LABILE state that is exactly not coherent to anything and we read this and make our evaluations based on it  – now different then other devices it also uses a very sophisticated statistical evaluation to introduce the EQUILIBRIUM element that makes its results uniquely reproducible.

This statistical evaluation you can compare to what makes us different then children, we have a base of life-experiences that allows a informed selective process which random impulses to follow and which not. However as we get older we get more and more selective, and we might have the impulse “go a different way to your office today” or “call this old friend after you have not talked for years” or “a steak although  you  are a believer of vegetarianism” or “pet this stray cat although it may have flees” or “step into the puddle of water with your white suite – which would reset your whole day” and and and .

Most people if they are old they know exactly what is good for them and what the best way that things should be done in general, they know what is the reason why they are sick or if they dont they go to a doctor who will give them a reasonable cause for their discomfort that they can add to their believe system that makes them less and less open for new choices and understandings.

You can see why my teaching is not easily digestible and why it never will be popular to the majority. The  masses are the momentum factor of humanity that will always want to continue the established way of acting and understanding.



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