Coherence and Hamburgers


Most books, theories and opinions remain vague about the nature of coherence. The reason probably lies in its uselessness of using it in the evaluation of ethical principles and judgments, and its restricted application to pure physical, non spiritual “observations” and applications. Unfortunately, many theorists take coherence as the central key to traditional justification judgments of right or wrong.

“DLE” can be described as a state in which a person achieves anything else than a traditional mutually coherent set of principles, and useless background beliefs. How to get to DLE is easy and very rewarding. Traditional coherent beliefs are just a set of self sustaining procedures to keep people’s mind far away from proper individual development and broadening.

Coherence should be defined as a multiple constraint de-satisfaction principle. Contrary to what many think, spiritual behaviour and healthy decision making is NOT dependant on coherence. It is necessary to define the elements, the positive constraints, and the negative constraints that operate in most thinking, but therefore you don’t need coherence. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 779px) 100vw, 779px" />

accepting Constraints is for Robots - creating more Constraints is for Bureaucrats

Old saws such as explanation, deduction, facilitation and association are traditionally regarded as coherent elements, statement that is based on nothing, and are considered to be the right things to do. Contrary, inconsistency, incompatibility and so called “negative” association are pillars of evolution, education and constructive questioning.

Only correct and spiritual concepts, propositions, goals and actions can be made and focussed on, if based on those pillars. It is not because elements are so-called “incoherent” that there is a negative constraint between them and therefore should be rejected. It is just stupid to divide set of elements into accepted and rejected sets in a way that satisfies traditional thinking.

Healthy DLE is impossible in a well organized coherent environment…A shocking example: the typical American Hamburger is a masterpiece of coherent composition. Why? Because the meat is soft, the roll is even softer, the cheese is a soft binder, making sure that the food “sticks” together while spending a short time in the mouth, and finally the sauces provide excellent lubrication while swallowing, nobody needs to do the slightest effort while “processing” his lunch…disgusting isn’t it, although all elements are coherent…and responsible for the increasing number of overweight (read “unhealthy”) adults and children.

Willy De Maeyer


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