Codex Alimentarius, WTO, WHO, Global Warming….

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To my friend Korbinian Kress who is the director of operations at the company that makes the Health navigator and my apologies for saying something today that might have hurt you. Something I said because he was firm not to go with my request not to be over-careful with some security issue that I considered out of proportion.

And to my dear wife Cassandra who did never hesitate to go into strange and foreign lands to follow our mission and who gave her life to this mission in far away Egypt – almost to the day 5 years ago.

And to all those who do not want to let others make us believe that “MORE SECURITY” is the answer – Let us not blame politics, secret societies, viruses, the pharma lobby, the loud neighbor, our dominant boss, electro-smog and another myriad other things for endangering our health, comfort and security but lets thank them that they play the part of existence that stimulates immunity, interference and freedom

I know my mission was carved out for me to show those who want to listen that the next big danger comes from our need for security and the fact that there are many who are ready to make profit on it

There are those who “purposely dynamite” the buildings or did set the Reichstag in flames to show the people that their security is at stake from terrorists or the Jews

or push the fear of some terrible disease and trick us into  worse disaster

or our fear of GLOBAL WARMING that is only set into the world to establish a GLOBAL GOVERNEMENT

or our fear not to be poisoned by untested drugs — another  Trojan Horse to make us buy the Codex Alimentarius

and so on it goes – but we cannot avoid this – our culture has come at a stagnation point and all that are in stagnation

want one thing most of all– SECURITY– and they give everything for getting more of it

1.Stagnation type disease (Autism, Parkinson, Paralysis….

2. Chaos type diseases (ADHD. Allergy, AIDS, chronic fatigue……

both on a society level and on an individual level – we cannot do anything about what Society will have to go through for reset – this is in the hands of higher forces-

but we have some influence in what we choose for us on an individual level.


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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.

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  1. Dear Kiran…

    has we talked before… we need those wake up calls in our life… you had yours I also had mine… diferent types of pain… but pain non the less… fortunately we experience and live Life in a way most people can’t due to that false sense of security… their no secure… they are frightened  every day… so afraid sometimes they forgot to even fill their lungs with air because “it’s poisoned”…

    I remember how I was before… struggling every day to prove the world I was good enough and wanted money I could have the “american Dream” a house with white fences a beautiful wife a good car a dog and a couple of kids…

    now… I don’t care about that… and life gave me… a big house a good car a great dog (the wife is coming maybe ihihihih)…

    I was always  concerned being the perfect son and an example… all of this was for every one else and not for me…

    Now I do what I want when I want… to make me happy… and not what the others want me to do…

    I Love what I do… I love CoRe philosophy and try to live it everyday… because I see how my life was and how it is now…

    Kiran’s comment :

    Yes like me you are on the chaotic side of the spectrum – so we have to make sure not to get into Chronic Fatigue – thankfully I have Debora – I wish you the same good fortune – and you will have it