Cirque du Soleil – from control to DLE

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This symbolizes the main challenge in our transition time

New age movement believes that limitations and formal structures, or in short rules and disciplines are in general an obstacle to personal growth or spiritual awakening.

In fact this philosophy is just an extreme reaction to 2000 years of spiritual asketism and social rules that had become stagnant.

Many of our patients are stuck in this transition as they  know that to give up rules, forms and restrictions is not the answer.

Who would be more limited in the moves he can make then the JUGGLER, he is in a way a complete slave to the laws that make his objects move in a certain way, if he disregards any one, it will not work. Juggling become more and more mesmerizing to the degree that there are more objects in motion, more degrees of freedom to synchronize. Anyone who ever tried to juggle knows that CONTROL will not work – at a certain point juggling needs to relinquish self-will.

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Punch machine and vaccination are both manifestations of the same philosophy

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Everyone is right - everyone has all it takes to come to the top - the US american virus

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in fact neither life nor evolution without limitations would not be possible

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... what most patients will need is a new start, some fresh air and not more balancing - as this is what they were doing for too long

Cirque du Soleil, in my eyes is a gift for our times to teach  us the essence of DLE that  is lacking in the lives of so many. Most circus work and cirque du soleil more than any is gravitating around acts that show how the impossible is possible. Also most artists live a life of DLE moving from place to place, modifying their shows all the time – that is the magic that you can tap into when being there

On our way this week from Rome to Sao Paulo we had a 12 hour stop in Amsterdam and we took the change to see the latest show TOTEM .

Please also see my post about the founder of Cirque du Soleil

Juggling in all its forms is DLE exemplifier- more and more degrees of freedom – more and more lability mastered with great elegance by the artist at its center.

The most beautiful analogy to what it means to live an enlightened life – not by seclusion, limitation, dogmatism however also not the new-age illusionary state of limitless freedom, lawless creativity, ease and relaxation  that is so commonly associated with enlightenment.

Please make it a point to see them in one of the many places in the world where they play :


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  1. Hello everyone…

    The Dream that Cirque du Soleil gives Us is  one of many of magic and can transport all of us to a diferentt state of mind…

    For me is even bigger… my mind I don’t know where it goes because right from the start it makes feel all of the atmosphere and I feel like a child on the candy store for the first time…

    Recently they were here in Portugal with Saltimbanco… I went on a Thursday and the next Wednesday I was there re-living all of it again… the person who went with me the first time told me: “Very good but for me once is enough” … the Second person told me the exact same thing…

    I respect their opinion and I’m not saying that they are wrong… Altough They feel life and can live it in a intense way… They’re both stuck… one is almost on a depression state (and she works with kids age 5  to 6 and that’s what keeps her going) the other one had cancer and after started treatment with CoRe she started changing her life… but they still can Dream while awake…

    Off course all of the performers had to train their entire life, and even being stuck on  that routine over and over again they still dream because they made me dream as well… But even then the person right next to me could not let go of reality and trully enjoyed it and feel every sensation movement sound…

    I’m opening my new Clinic Tomorrow… It’s called QuadTrinity… and although has to follow every rule to become a Medical Clinic from the moment You walk in until you get out you will have to experience a serial of senses… Sound… Light… Pictures… Colours… and I Know most of the people won’t recognize it… but a few, that already change their Life… Will let go and feel it…

    That’s what we as therapists have to give to people… not the healing but the healing process… make them feel life enjoy life take them out of the confort Zone make them experience… As a Therapist I Have to believe in my Dream so that my pacients start believing in their Dreams has well… And Start a New Cicle (My clinic Slogan) In their Life…

    Kiran’s comment :

    Yes, dear Marco, that is why we resonate so much, we dream the same dream, and we have lived enough dreams that we know that you “may not be able to choose the things that happen to you” but “we know we do not want to live lifes anymore that will always bring you back to where you where already – in smaller and smaller circles” and places like the cirque du soleil break you open, reset you, to a state where everything is possible again – and strangely as you say for most people regarding this experience “once is enough” wherever all other things in live they are stuck to repeat over and over.
    I am proud you choose the name Quadtrinity – so much is coming.


    • Dear Kiran this is another thing about information… You just said : “… live lifes anymore that will always bring you back to where you where already – in smaller and smaller circles” and places like the cirque du soleil break you open, reset you, to a state where everything is possible again…”

      Quadrinity’s Symbol and hologram is based in yin/yang… circles inside smaller circles; cycles inside other cycles; and how we can brake those patterns …

      We never talked about it before because I wanted to surprise you with the entire concept… and You already know… This is Information at it’s best

      YES I knew that you open your new clinic today -and I know it will the first in a new way to show the world how healing places will look in the future