Cancer – its informational background

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In my reply  to Thierry’s comment on

I wrote :

Dear Thierry
Your attitude “Regarding the growth of sects and religions, I personally see it as very beneficial and helping bringing back to spirituality as a whole. My feeling is that it gives more chance for more people to experience more things.”
is the common attitude of our times “the more variety – the better” and it is usually not questions because it is so close to our cultural program that it is considered Self-evident.
However I will show you in the next week’s post that it is exactly this attitude that is the informational reason for the increase of cancer in our times.
certainly nothing that our new-age mind wants to hear-
and a reason why my standpoint is so controversial


I want to show you that these common attitudes are not as harmless and “common sense” as they seem to everyone.

when you look f or example at

From :

According to GLOBOCAN, an estimated 12.7 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million deaths occurred in 2008. The most commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide are lung (1.61 million, 12.7% of the total), breast (1.38 million, 10.9%) and colorectal cancers (1.23 million, 9.7%). The most common causes of cancer death are lung (1.38 million, 18.2% of the total), stomach (0.74 million, 9.7%) and liver cancers (0.69 million, 9.2%).

and see this very informative map :

you make a shocking realization

“If you live in USA or Australia your chance to get cancer is about 300 % higher than in the poorest places in Africa or India”


How is this explainable ?

  1. You pay about 100 times for medical care than anyone in these countries
  2. The environment is about 1000 times  cleaner in the more developed countries  than anywhere in India for example (and I know this because I have lived there for 5 years)
  3. Solar radiation, a know (or better an assumed) cause of cancer is much higher in Africa and India then anywhere else and anyone spends a lot of money on sun-protection – only with the result that with the introduction of every better and more expensive protection cancer increases 300w" sizes="(max-width: 571px) 100vw, 571px" />You have the most expensive sun protection lotion, you pay the highest health car premium and your environment is so much cleaner than in these 3rd world countries.

–> And still your chance to get cancer in any country of the “western culture” is so much higher ?

Nobody asks this question – because it is obviously showing that modern medicine is on the wrong track also in relation to cancer.


I am proposing you an explanation that is based on Informational Medicine :

Cancer carries the information that cells do not obey their limitations but grow unrestrained and in places where they do not belong.

When you compare the life in western cultures relative to much more traditional civilizations like India or Africa the most significant difference is that in these countries peoples lives are still much more ruled  and limited by traditions, religion  and obvious  economic restraints.

In the modern cultures most limits have fallen away in only the last 100 years.

  • You can marry whoever you want without limitations by social status, parent decision, religious rules
  • You can eat whatever and whenever independent of place of living, season or limited by economic restraints
  • You can travel to any point on the globe even several times a year, if you choose to do so
  • You can live where you choose to
  • You can dress as you like, choose any job you like, stop working whenever you like, and and and

These are freedoms that are possible only since so recently – as humans we had no time to get prepared to so much freedom and instead of only happiness this creates a lot of fear and disease.

Hyper-dogmatic religions,  trying to stick to fashions or some compulsive habits are one re-action to this over-abundance of limitless freedom.  Autims is just another result where autistic  people stick to excessive rigor and perfectionism in all they do while avoiding any deviation through play, association or social contact. Trying to be super clean, super exact, super repetitiveness –  is not always understood as  symptoms of autism but is just as much an over-compensation of our too unlimited culture at the moment.


The first thing I am always asked in my seminars is : “Please we need a protocol, scheme, recipe” on how to work with the CoRe system successfully – “Where are the certifications by the authorities” a.s.o.  all over-compensation of the insecurity that all these new degrees of freedom  create.

And one major new form  of freedom I have left out in the above list :

“Everyone of us can now choose what to believe in , if to believe anything, or even if he wants to open his own church ”

This is in fact a horror scenario for our sub-conscious – but new age philosophy based on the US American virus and the THE SECRET that tell us “YOU HAVE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM TO CREATE THE WOLD EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT TO ATTRACT ”  and if the world is not what you want, it is all your fault.  FIRST “Do not listen to anyone who wants to limit you and put you under some restraints – like the old church methods”

SOUNDS ALL SO GOOD and everyone loves it – what is better than believing you can do whatever you want and all is possible

But this is just the greatest threat to the sub-conscious that is possible and it is simply not as positive as Thierry and probably about every one of you was believing – it is just the cultural blindfold of our days.

Again DLE is the answer and uncomfortable solution – I believe the catholic church and equally old traditions that demand certain limitations and have definite rules – together with an esotheric  core that  connects to the informational and spiritual realm – that is what many people today are missing and unknowingly searching for even by becoming sick.

In  this sense I am very committed to question many of the new age ideas and show to what degree they are the informational cause of this exponential  increase of diseases like cancer and immune-system diseases like Allergies, Lupus and AIDs that really express  an uncertainty about limits, good and bad, friend and enemy.

Forms of  overcompensation like AUTIMS, compulsive behavior  or  self-induced limitations as mortgages and  credit cards that make you a slave, job-requirements that seem to be unavoidable or any other addiction that dictates limits are all a survival mechanism in a  culture that has lost the natural limits it provided only  a short time ago.



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