Burkhard Heim theory completely in line with the CoRe system


The Heim theory is a collection of breathtaking ideas about fundamental laws of physics proposed by the German scientist Burkhard Heim. The theory was further developed and refined by Walter Dröscher and Jochem Häuser. Heim tried to unify quantum theory and general relativity. Heim became disabled when an explosives-handling accident at age 19 left him without hands and mostly deaf and blind.
His pioneering work concerning the 12-dimensional structure of the universe makes radionics more understandable.
According to Burkhard Heim, the four-dimensional visible world (dimens-ions d1 to d4) represents only the lower level of the universe. Higher we find d5 and d6 (the Energetic Stimulation Field (ESF)), d7 and d8 (the information fields) and finally d9 through d12, which Heim defines as GAB (Gott aleine bekannt – God only knows), because he couldn’t calculate the content of those last 4 dimensions.
The information levels explained by Burkhard Heim can be considered as huge storing spaces, full of possibilities amongst which those can be chosen which are necessary, and which are brought in the sixt dimension. The possibilities which will be materialised in the 4 basic dimensions are dependent of the degree of probability they are needed.

The fifth and sixth dimension are considered to be the organizational level, or also called the transformation levels. They are absolutely needed, because in the information levels there is no time and space. The transformation levels are necessary because non local, non polar information need to be transformed into local, polar structures.

Therefore the fifth and sixth dimension can be considered as structural levels.



d 9

d 8 GIF, Global Information field

d 7
d 6 ECF, Energetic Control Field

d 5

d 4 Time
d 3
Visible world d 2 Matter

d 1

Each level contains dynamic properties of geometric structures, especially in the information levels. In this geometry we recognize the value of the symbols.
The Heim theory shows us a world of organisational structures that are under constant actualisation. Heim could prove that there would be no particles possible, if there would only be 4 dimensions. He proved physically that an electron already needs 6 dimensions to function properly.
The CoRe practitioner creates the direct link to GAB, and afterwards the communication and interaction with the information fields starts

The communication between the 3 dimensions we live in, the organisational levels d5 and d6, and of course the information fields d7 and d8, is done through d4, which is the time. Time therefore is an active force whose patterns contain information about every physical process in this world. This research gives time a key role in the communication between the information-space and matter.

The influence of time turns information into a material process and vice versa. This pattern is accessible everywhere in the universe, independent of space and time.

All these valuable assets are turned into practice by using the wonderful tool that CoRe is. It really brings us into contact with God and the divine. Thank you CoRe Inergetix

Kiran’s Reply

It is so telling that Heim  “THOUGHT TO KNOW”  that the highest realm consist of 4 dimensions…. why not or x

although he also said “GAB (Gott aleine bekannt – God only knows), because he couldn’t calculate the content”

so my simple question if he was not able to calculate the content…. why did he know it consists of 4 dimensions….

NOBODY questions this …. because Mathematics must be right!

But the old and new understanding that he helped to propel to some level of acceptance is the simple fact

that matter and energy is ruled by INFORMATION and that there is something above it that is even more fundamental

I don’t call it not GAB as Heim but the spiritual level….. not as impressive as GAB but it has more tradition and more association.

Same thing but older from the Indian Saint Meher Babahttp://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/wp-content/uploads/meher-baba-god_speaks_-_planes_svg-210x300.png 210w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" />

Same thing but older from the Indian Saint Meher Baba


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