Bioresonance – good start – dead end

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In this video I record the general practice of using a Bioresonace device – here Bicom 2000 for diagnosis and therapy.  I went with good measuring equipment and my friend Ekkehard who is doing electronic engineering since more than 30 years and owns a company manufacturing LASER technology.

In Short : we could not measure either any electric EM Field that is preached by the manufacturer to be the basis for its diagnostic function nor was there any significant magnetic field measurable that is supposedly a main  therapeutic part of the system. Overall there was the usual 50 Hz noise on all the circuits – not surprisably as all the wires that are sold as carriers of super-fine-frequencies do not even have the shielding that is necessary to protect them from ordinary TV and radio and cell-phone radiation that is everywhere present

So from an energetic point of view you are treated, if at all, only with very moderately amplified local radio-station signals.

Nevertheless – only brain-dead or simply negative people as those at Quack-watch or Eso-watch would deny that Bioresonance had thousands of undeniable healing success-stories.

Originally Bioresonance was invented by Scientologists english :

Deutsch :

Since its beginning it had thousands of users, however no development in the last 30 years, and even devices like Bicom 2000 have not received a face-lift in the last 20 years.

There was no further development because physicists could not measure the electromagnetic radiation that was supposedly the basis for diagnosis and therapy nor do the Bioresonance devices contain anything but the most primitive low cost circuits. (Bill Nelson who was BICOM representative in USA made the logical step and sold empty plastic boxes devoid of any functioning circuitry as EPFX/ QXCI/ SCIO / INDIGO when he realized BICOM works well – “plugged in or not”) and established the fairy tale that nothing could be measured by dull contemporary scientists as all was happening in Quantum-space which he started to call Sub-space and different then him they did not have the brains nor his technology  to make contact with sub-space

This combination of madness, money-making and scientological brainwashing has inhibited further research in this field, but found many believers that considered Bioresonance the proof for 20 centuries religious dogma  that “ALL IS FREQUENCY”.

On  the other side there were always those who saw in Bioresonance just another Believe-amplifier or Placebo-generator as in Homeopathy and other unexplainable healing modalities.

Both Political sides have nothing to show but dogma and believe.

With the CoRe system we make a new step by stating and proofing :

1. That most or all unexplainable diagnostic tools are random result generators

2. Randomness is a science and the key to a vast reservoir of information that yet has to be unlocked

3. Placebo healing is not based on believe but on the contrary is inhibited by a predominance of believe


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