The Biofield: A different Type of Magnetism?

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Buryl's biofield meter

I got several comments on my post

its a good way to see that the 1000 reads this forum has every day is not based on a defective counter

– I would be of course happy if I get more feedback and posts even without offering money

Here a comment by Steve :

Hi Kiran in Milan,

Hope all is going well! I really like your offer of 20K!

I do want to point out a problem with it though. Its seems that your focus of this is pseudoscience around “bioresonance”.

Then your offer says, Here is my offer I guarantee anyone 20 000 $ who can show me how he measures frequencies from non-living things like crystals or oils.

However, “bio” as you know refers to living things. See what I mean… Best,



YES correct ! I do not need proves that living organisms have energetic fields – there is no question about that BUT those people and devices like BIORESONANCE  that pretend they can record or  evaluate the emanations of crystals or oils (nonsense as the one from Bruce Taino and Young Living ) I want to challenge.


Here is one comment from Buryl that I will answer today – the others next time (also I would ask anyone who wants to contribute on this matter to make a post or to send more than just 3 sentences, if he wants me to take it serious) :


On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Buryl Payne <> wrote:

Dear Kiran,

I have found a rotational force around the human body that is easily detected and measured with simple, inexpensive material found around the home, plus a few magnets (optional). It also is present around all other living organisms that I have observed. It’s related to solar activity. It’s not an original discovery; it was mentioned in the literature in the 1600’s and by others up to the present. I have studied more carefully than others, though, and written my experiments and observations in a small ebook called: The Spin Force. Nearly all stellar objects spin from asteroids to galaxies.

Some Russian scientists have found a spin force around spinning inorganic materials. They call it a ‘torsion force’. Two Japanese have found a weight change in gyroscopes, depending on direction of spin.
I suggest that ‘spin’ be accorded the status of a fundamental force along with gravity and electricity, and perhaps replacing magnetism.
This force is not in the electromagnetic spectrum.
I don’t know if it would qualify for your $20000 prize but it is very important.

Buryl Payne, Ph. D. 
formerly Boston University

Kiran’s comment :

I applaud your work – however it is yet another force that is created by living things – all your experiments I saw  are about “humans”, – you quote other researchers that have measured something similar also around gyros, blessed water and stellar objects – but here there are only quotes and particularly the russian research after Oberon and chem-tech

I do not take on face value alone

I do not doubt that humans or all living beings have all known forms of energy circulating in and around them – Medicine and science  has created fantastic tools to measure many of them EEG, EKG, MRI to mention just a few…. and there will be more to be found – but all of them will not answer or even ask a much more important question “What is controlling these energies”

Therefore science is not opposed or defensive against the idea that there are still unknown forms of energy out there and even the conservative Nobel Price  committee would not hesitate to bestow the million dollar price for the proof of a new one

So science today is not opposed to the existence of a new energy be it Tachyon, Global-scaling-vacuum-space, Scalar, Spin-force-energy, Free-energy or any of the dozens of other supposedly measured energies BUT non has been proven “REPRODUCIBLY” and “OBSERVER-INDEPENDENTLY”

AND it is exactly these 2 qualities that are the FUNDAMENTAL pillars of today’s science that are not negotiable for the Conservatives  – if you feel, see, measure anything but it is not 100% reproducible and 100% independent of the experimenter it is simply ignored as it does not fit AND I SAY it does not fit, and still exists, because it belongs to the new range of INFORMATIONAL PHENOMENA in which all parts are connected and influencing each other and for which only statistical predictions can be made.

AND it is not a new form of ENERGY, however subtle or new, because simply it does not fit the definition of the concept of ENERGY – which is “That quantity that does not diminish or increase in transformation” – which is the first LAW OF PHYSICS – and I do not think people know anything about SEMOTICS if they hold that they can use a word with an agreed meaning for something that just does not fit this meaning – to imply a relationship where there is none.

My 20000 US$ bet was – that no experiment exists that shows any energy radiation, that would prove  that the new age slogan “ALL HAS FREQUENCIES” is correct, even in one instance, for an inorganic substance that is not already know to be radioactive or luminescent in another part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Here is a useful overview of Buryl about energy phenomena :


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