Bio-photons – lubrication for Newton’s clock




“Communication is done through what is known as bio photons”

Kiran : Light is meassurably generated by our cells and there is particularly an infrared light component emitted by people that heats up any room. However let us not hope or pretend that this is the explanation of how distant healing works or even cell communication. It is just a guess , a desperate hope that we find the energy that explains and facilitates the complexity of life. Imagine, how could a telephone call or even a TV program communicate THE ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of color, beauty, love, or in short any of the informational and spiritual qualities that really make us happy and healthy. Lets not add another naive hope that what the  TV was not able to generate “A real expereince” the bio-photons can do …. the bio-photon story is just another mechanistic theory that usese more suble means rather than the simple lever model of Newton…. but the questions remains as before :  “What makes controls the levers or the bio-photons ?”…… this Forum is the place to go deeper… 


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