Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Manic depression, mood swings, ailment of our times pre-stage to liberation or insanity


Dear friends

This Energy and Informational Medicine newsletter has one focus with the potential to make us understand ourselves, spiritual concepts, many of our patients and how to work with the CoRe system in a different way.

I was inspired, by getting some questions in this regard and coming across the work of Sean Blackwell who, great coincidence, left Canada and now lives in Brazil (which he also credits for his healing). I agree with every word I heard on his  YOUTUBE channel that is put together with much care and so much practical understanding –  we will meet when we come back from Asia in 2 month.

1. What is Bi-polar and how does  CoRe philosophy relate

2. Bi-Polar should not be dealt with by forced neutralization of the swings with drugs or other methods but by electric synchronization with the individuals inner clock swings :

3. The increase of these DLE states is related to  our  cultural

4. An answer to why I am so strong in my views about NEW AGE philosophy

5. What we can learn from this for our work with patients and with CoRe">

6. How much trouble Bi-Polar can mean but also how much pleasure you can get  from it you can best study in SEX – here comes  Part 2


As you can see in the symbol above – there is the possibility for Bi-Polarity in every dimension – this is the aim for true healing and transformation

Let’s keep repeating our aims that we made for this year and make sure that they are at least  Bi-Polar




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  1. Happy New Year Kiran!
    I want to thank you for your continuos and endless effort in promoting Information Medicine. My highlight for last year was helping a friend avoid surgery to his back, from a year long suffering from sciatica. Thank you!
    On another note I would like to attend the Chiang Mai seminar, and have sent my request to Deborah twice, but she might have missed my email. Could you put me in, so I can book my flight soon.
    thanks and best regards