Bi-polar/ Schizophrenia/ Labile/ Manic/ dissociative identity disorder/ split personality/ mood swings


Hello R.

You write that you have been diagnosed with being “Labile” or even “Bi-Polar” while you say you are yourself a therapist .

You know that since my accident the concept of DLE has become the center of my philosophy

Different than what regular  doctors  assume, I know “lability” “Bi-polar” is absolutely necessary for evolution.

The problem is that it is always somewhat  uncomfortable and easily can get out of control – deep down people know this. Therefore “Normal” people do everything to be stable by having more and more regular habits in their lives, best by moderation in all areas and if things get uncomfortable by sedatives and pain-killers. This is considered not only acceptable but also a positive indicator for psychological health, however if not interrupted by impulses for change and unpredictability it simply an indicator for aging and partial death.

So how to bring both essential needs together that for “unpredictability/ lability/ openness for change” and that of “stability”. Ordinarily people do it by being good and sober citizens, husbands and wives, hard workers most of the time and then have sporadic phases where they allow themselves to get drunk, take drugs betray their spouse or have a few days of “intense” holidays where they want to have a maximum of fun and sleep.

However this is not a healthy situation as in the story of  Mr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Bi-polar/ Schizophrenia/ Labile/ Manic/ dissociative identity disorder/ split personality/ mood swings is not the exception but the rule in our culture where people behave differently and have different values in different situations and when in one role do not even remember the other one. Psychology is completely incapable to deal with this, because their ideal of psychological health is actually a very sick one, so they want to get you somewhere where your soul is not meant to go and therefore will resist at great cost.

We are made Bi-polar, which you can see in the many polarities built into our mind and body, male-female, right – left brain, feeling – thinking, awake – asleep, vain – self deprecating, positive – negative. By moving from one pole to the other, back and forth, we make energy flow – exactly on the same principle as electricity is generated in an electric generator .

And like in an electric generator this needs a solid axis around which to turn and this is what  is for us a solid Sense-of-Self through electrical feedback. The Sense-of-Self  has the same function as the clock that generates heartbeat of a CPU, of a Computer . Psychology has  found this principle in the “Central Pattern Generator”

I know the Bioresonance-LaesEr will be the tool of the future to teach the body to recognize and re-affirm its own pattern, through mirroring this frequency back in the feedback loop.

How Bi-Polar and related states are related to EGO please see in this post :

and how I see that the increase of these DLE states is related or even a result of our  cultural ideas :">



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  1. I thought few times about this same explanation regarding to electricity generation, where polatiries of magnet have to be switched to generate electricity (or life force in human). This relates to energy, but what about the information ? There is also polarity of information, because words can be intended good or bad and and actually the same words (difference in meaning behind it), so I would say the polarity of feeling, where the feeling is recalled by conscious or subconscious mind in form of memories, pictures or events connected with those words.

    What about the truth behind the information, for 2 persons can make the same words two different meanings and feelings, I think that’s why we use to say “Everybody has his own truth”

    What about the resonance value +/- in CoRe ? What kind of polarity does this have to do ?

    Maybee the statistical evaluation from noise generator is energetic expression (from chaos) of spiritual information which we need to “hear” (our consciousness or our subconsciousness), regardless of polarity of this information. It is informational resonance from our spirit (true self), maybee for consciousness and maybee for subconsciousness.

    Kiran’s comment :

    Yes all Information comes in polarities for example true-false
    but the general mistake is that someone could have his “own truth” whereas it is much more correct to say “every situation has the best fitting response/ remedy” this is what CoRe helps to find by the highest resonance value.
    If the Resonance value is high but negative this means that is strongly resonant but that your superficial mind will probably deny it and thy to avoid it.