BEaMEr creates Heartbeat-harmony


BEaMEr creates Heartbeat-harmony – More presence and less anxiety with Bio-LaesEr

1. BEaMEr creates Heartbeat-harmony
2. More presence and less anxiety with Bio-LaesEr I had to deal very much with anxiety in my life but after having 9 sessions with the Bioresonance LaesEr nothing is able to bother me anymore.
3. See a listing of all that is in the CoRe database
4. Three steps to use the BEaMEr heartbeat pattern evaluation for finding client specific therapy frequencies
5. Der BEaMEr findet patientenspezifische Frequenzen
6. New version of BEaMEr App downloadable at Apple App-store or Google play
7. Check out our new website and its extensive menu with translations in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Indonesian and of course traditional Chinese
8. Impressions from the Croatia seminar with Marco Paulo


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PSS: Gabriele teaches CoRe 6 in English, German, Dutch and French


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