Autism spectrum disorders ASD – Noise sensitivity and perfectionism


Noise sensitivity & perfectionism

Of course I get a lot of e-mails from people who tell me what needs to be improved. This in itself is a diseased aspect of our cultural programming, that we do not hesitate to advice others what they should improve rather than contributing our-selves.

However here I want to make you aware of a very specific disease issue that I would consider part of the Autism-Spectrum disorders.

David send me a long comment on the last videos I posted from Abadianina with very specific advice on how to improve each video in the future for example :

Video with David Snoad:

1. Wrong location, the ambient noise too loud or the operator doesn’t know how to control it or your equipment not professional enough or any combination of them all.

2. Poor composition.

3. You need either dual wireless  or a handheld mics.

Video with John on the bus:

1. Very bad ambient noise—lack of control easily remedied with good editing program.

2. Wireless or handheld mics needed.

He suggested that first of all I upgrade my recording equipment : (of course not even suspecting that I make all the movies without even a camera men…. imagine I have to hold the Sony Z1 below in my one hand while I talk to someone during an interview) 300w" sizes="(max-width: 949px) 100vw, 949px" />

on the left you see the Sony Z1 that he suggested and on the right the olympus stylus tough that I am actually using

If you observe autistic children one of the main issue that they have is to be “well prepared” they actually can spend hours on getting ready for anything,,,, just like most people today live the whole year only to get ready for the 2 weeks vacation that they have (you know anyone of this type ?… for women that is not a sign of autism… its normal – no worry)

or the many people that you see running around with camera equipment that they have prepared for month and carry around their necks, too heavy for their anyway damaged lower back, to make the few pictures that they think are worth all this effort.

Autistic children always have a problem with noise, either they want to be only in a quiet corner or autism goes so far that they experience almost everything around them as noise sometimes they are not even able to synthesize the pixels that their eyes produce into a meaningful picture but instead only see a dancing screen of pixels just like in  a TV that has not been tuned to a channel.

Some have a taste of this when they have high fever and everything around them appears like a big puzzle, sharp edges everywhere, nothing seems to fit together harmoniously.

To be able to integrate noise and to see its very importance for health is a key indicator for health….. Remember your grandparents, every time you met them they were only complaining about the latest noise in their lives, either the neighbor did not respect their afternoon nap, or the people on the other side of the street did park their car in the wrong direction, or the kids downstairs made so much noise….

We have to see where this starts …. for example in our need to enjoy music only when we can use a Noise-canceling headphone, movies only if they come on a High-definition screen, milk only if it was ultra-highly pasteurized, vegetable only if they come from organic gardens, friends only if they do not smoke, vacation only if there is no this or that…

…. can you see that Autism, in the form that it is decapitating to a point where people are not able anymore to add to the Gross Domestic Product is only the top of the ice-berg

The other almost universal symptom of autism is PERFECTIONISM , boxes have to be aligned again and again, the shoe laces have to checked and rechecked before anything and so on….. and how many people you know are  just like that, or hide it well by trying to make fun of it or explaining the need for it without you asking them.

Perfectionism is just another word for NOISE-OVERSENSITIVITY and Germany and Japan are countries that have a particular cultural tendency for that but

This will be a topic for many more posts and a major topic of the new science of Information… just to give you an outlook

1. Noise is the key component for learning

2. Noise is a future key for improved communication(this is called Stochastic Resonance)

3. Noise is an integral part of any communication, which means communication without noise in impossible, nothing exists that is 100 % consistent (which is another word for saying “free of noise” or is only “yes or no” or only “black or white” and at the same time complete…. this is a key concept of the mathematical theory of information


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  1. Just to put things absolutely straight and clear the “David” who “sent a long comment” is not identical with the “David Snoad” who gave the interview in Abadiania! Thanks!

    Kiran’s comment :

    Dear David… as you know from the AIM training… we do not support “Absolutely straight” thinking or anything else … because this would mean “Absolutely left brain” – NO DLE