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The number of Autism cases grows and modern medicine is helpless

That is so because Autism is a perfect example of an informational disease that will not respond to drug or energetic intervention. Consequently they have to cover up the numbers by finding more and more different names for the same disease. Such activity is the domain of the left brain, and satisfied dry “researchers” that are mostly borderline autistic themselves …… mild autistic ….which is the definition  of Aspberger Syndrome.

Wikipedia which is a wonderful read if you want to become more autistic… defines it like this :

“The autism spectrum, also called autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or autism spectrum conditions (ASC), with the word autistic sometimes replacing autism, is a spectrum of psychological conditions characterized by widespread abnormalities of social interactions and communication, as well as severely restricted interests and highly repetitive behavior “

What they and Wikipedia do not understand that by introducing more and more meaningless lables like this they will increase the number of  autistic children that are damaged by this left brain over-emphasis…… or did you know that PDD-NOS also is a Autism spectrum disorder ?….. if not, and you feel no need for definitions as the following, you may still have a chance not to be trapped in this left brain straight jacket:

PDD-NOS stands for : “Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Of course there are just as many autistic adults as there are autistic children but they have just learned how to hide their lack of emotionality, their lack of playfulness, their obsessive need for order, their repetitiveness, their need for predictability, their inability to associate freely,  to connect and to be open for change under a personality that fits into the environment, they are productive and do not disturb.

Friends please never never use a concept like Autim, Aspberger on any child, this label makes them an informational slave to the believe system of  millions of human “scientific” minds that are incapable to read the obvious messages that symptoms carry. What should you think of a DOCTOR who tells you that your child has PDD-NOS “Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified ” that it is him who has a PERVERSE DEVELOPMENT DISORDER that is capable only to label with inappropriate, meaningless and most importantly dangerous terms

because Autism means “Wanting to be OVER-Specific” and forgetting to play and to hug  ?

Hi Kiran

the testimonial for the 10 year old child with Aspberger’s Syndrome The mother and child came to see me in March of 2009, the mother said her child has Aspberger’s Syndrome She asked me what i could do and I said, well lets see, I will give you 100% of my time and try to help your son…she was skeptical…. and told me not to give her false hope… I told her i would not ever give anyone false hope, as i nearly lost my child and would never do that to a mother… but i agreed to help her and her son and devote my time and research to her to help them both! and that was all i could do … she then understood, that it was not false hope, but the fact that i would help with all my knowledge and time….

I asked her what would be her desired results from their visits to me and she said she just wanted a hug from him and that he would not pull away from her when she  tried to hug or embrase him…

We had 2 sessions… on the third sesson I asked her what  had happened since that last session and she told me  with a tear in her eye : We had dinner, Tristan (10 year old son)  finished his dinner, put his plate in the sink, went over to his mother looked her in the eye, told her he loved her… kissed her and hugged her… then he repeated the same to his father… well his mother nearly fell off her chair….she had been waiting years for this and she was told by others that it would never happen!

He has continued to improve his social skills, and behavioural skills, I saw him for 3 months weekly, then 3 months fortnightly, and for the last 6 months monthly…. he is a changed little boy… His mother said that in his school  class room  their are 4 special needs children… when a visiting teacher came to teach the class, she could only identify 3 children, she could not identify that Tristan has special needs… He had his holy communion and he got up and spoke in front of the whole parish… his teachers were amazed and asked the mother what she had been doing to have such a change with Tristan…. She reponded … “We are doing other things”  and the teacher said ” well keep doing them!!!!”   Warm Regards

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