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Inergetix, Inc. founder and chief scientist.

Autism - ADHD

As a result of writing my article about autism I wanted to learn more…

Kiran & Friends

John of God and my connection to Ignatius

Believe on the level of Ignacio means an allowance of many DLE situation that would be avoided by all others

Examples of DLE in his first year of learning


Coincidences that happened after using the CoRe for informational and or spiritual healing
Please understand that this is not only a word-game
This understanding is really the quantum change that the age of Aquarius is about

Concepts of Information

“The secret” is the old childhood dream.
“The secret” – the allopathic principle as a bestseller
Dreams and most visualization are causing an excess potential.

DLE - Entanglement

DLE is the gate, the sacred ground, the antenna, the meeting point
To be Yin or Yang is not the issue for health but to be in a dynamic oscillation between the two
Static balance means death


Another media to carry information
Combine the beauty/information of crystals with information that CoRe found for your target

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